Another Aussie Aerials Highflyer: Buller’s Gabi Ash

Kirstie Marshall set the bar high 30 years ago for Aussie Aerials’ stars, and some legends have followed her – Alicia Camplin, Jacqui Cooper, Danielle Scott and the reigning World Champion Laura Peel.

That is one talented line up right there.

Gabi Ash on training slope
Gabi on the training slope run in

Another young up and comer is Buller’s Gabi Ash, a 23 year old who made her first two World Cup finals during the 20/21 season.

We caught up with Gabi for a quick Q & A after Everau fashion boots put is in contact.

How long have you been an aerial skier?
I started aerial skiing in the middle of 2016, so 5 years now.

How did you get into skiing? 
I started skiing when I was 3 years old with my family. We would go up to Mt Buller most weekends and my sister and I would often go to ski school. When I was about 10 years old I started diving, so skiing took the back burner a bit. I stopped diving in 2016 and wanted to start skiing again, so aerial skiing seem liked the perfect match!

What do you love most about it?
I’ve got to say the travel and atmosphere of the sport. Since it’s such a niche sport, like winter sport in general in Australia, it has a really strong community of interesting people. 
A large portion of my training is overseas as, until recently, we didn’t have the facilities in Australia. Now we have the water ramp facility in Brisbane which is very cool! We often train in Switzerland or North America for summer training and then ski in the northern hemisphere winter in Europe and North America. 

What’s your favourite place to go skiing? 
Saas fee, Switzerland. It’s a stunning glacier with a very quaint town at the bottom of the mountain.

What does your training involve?
My training consists of both summer and winter training. In summer, I train on water ramps, which involves skiing down jumps made of plastic bristles, doing a skill in the air and landing into water. This allows me to learn new skills without the worry of landing wrong on snow!

In the northern hemisphere winter, we travel to Europe and Northern America to train our jumps on snow and compete! It’s really a full time job !

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into aerial skiing?

If you have an acrobatic background, could be from gymnastics, diving, trampolining etc and you like to travel then i’d urge anyone to give it a go! 
You don’t need to be a great skier, or to have even skied before to get into the Australian aerials program. As long as you have an acrobatic background, you will be taught how to ski and then once you get comfortable enough on skis, you can put the two together.

What’s your biggest achievement as an aerial skier so far? 
In the 2020/2021 winter season, I competed in my first world cup circuit where I got into the finals in two World Cups and competed in my first World Championships! 

Gabi summer in Switzerland

Gabi is an Everau Ambassador, as we have seen for Women’s and Kid’s all weather boots the styly Aussie Everau range is the best – our kids and lady’s testers voted them so. Plus you’re supporting a local company, always a bonus.

What is your favourite Everau style? 
Either the Henley boots or the Adventurer

What do you like about those 2 Everau styles? 
I like how versatile the shoes are! They are both stylish and functional. I’m currently in Switzerland so plenty of mountains to hike and the adventurers have proven to be really good for grip and comfort on uneven terrain. I’m excited to try them out in the winter!

You can follow Gabi on insta here

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