Everau City Walker Fleece Boots Best Ever

Everau City Walker fleece lined fashion boots are simply the best, snuggest, most comfortable ever says our tester Carmen after a few weeks of general Canberra winter and snow trip wear.

The 100% Australian brand have made a big impression with their contemporary takes on the old Aussie favourite of sheepskin boots. They have become a premium fashion brand adding style, attention to detail and quality that stands out across the now multi-faceted range.

“Wow these are just the most comfortable shoes I have ever had!”

says our tester Carmen Soto de Price. And trust us, she’s had quite a few shoes, not to mention plenty of winter and aprés styles, to base that statement on.

“I just love them. They keep me so warm. These are the ideal shoes for winter, snow or not.”

Styling Everau City Walkers on snow at Blue Cow, Perisher
On snow at Blue Cow side of Perisher © snowaction.com.au

Everau combine the softest, plushest fleece liners with tough yet supple all-weather construction perfect for all round use.

If you carry a light day pack (or let your partner carry one truth be told) they make the ideal Skitube option too. As soon as you finish skiing just get the heavy ski boots off and relax in your City Walkers.

Ski boots off Everau on © snowaction.com.au

I really like the lace up and velcro over-strap combo on the boots so you can wear them as tight or loose as you want.

When we can travel again these would be ideal for the plane heading up to Japan. Pop them on before you get off the flight ready for the shinkansen to somewhere very chilly. One January trip a few years back we went from 44° in Canberra to minus 15° or so in Niseko, a 60° change. They would have been very handy then.

The velcro flap makes them easy to pop on and off leaving the laces loose – ideal for Japan too where you are constantly shoes on/shoes off going in and out.

In most of south-east Australia it gets cold in winter, but not Japan mountains cold. So overkill is a problem with most traditional aprés boot styles here – they are just too hot for everyday wear downunder.

If my toasty toes could talk they’d be saying “leave us in here forever, it doesn’t get better than this”..

Everau City Walker fashion boots on snow
Leaving the laces loose is great for slipping them on and off © snowaction.com.au

But I have been loving wearing the Everau City Walkers around Canberra this July and August, whether walking outdoors, shopping or just round the house. They are just great winter shoes, period.

The soles are easy to wipe clean on a mat – the grip pattern is not so deep it picks up lots of snow/mud/dirt, but provides decent grip.

They also provide a lot of comfort cushioning, like a pair of walkers or kicks.

The sheepskin upper and plush inner liner are the icing on the cake.

Sole story © Everau

Tester Verdict Everau City Walker

Most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, period. Easy to put on, very hard to take off!

Check out the Everau City Walker on the link here, $AUD 229

They are available in EU35 – EU40 sizes, in Chestnut or Grey.

Everau City Walker fashion boots Chestnut colour
Everau City Walker Chestnut © Everau
Everau City Walker fashion boots in Grey colour
Everau City Walker Grey © Everau

They also offer many more Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s styles.

For a road test review of the Kid’s boots check this: