Emma 18.04.2024

The short video ‘My Ikon’ series offers a snippet into the adventurous lifestyle of photographer Stephen Shelesky. 

‘My Lens’ doesn’t just expose Stephen’s beautiful photos but it invites us backstage into the reality of being a ski photographer. It is intimate, passionate and exciting, giving us a snapshot of the utopian career whilst still having a humble approach. 

Photo credit : Alessio Soggetti

Stephen shares how important it is to not only capture lighting, depth and focus but more the feeling that skiing gives. Photography has the power to share the feeling and experience with others, the freedom, adrenaline and euphoria that constitutes skiing. The video allows audiences to understand the effort and thought that goes behind constructing the photo. It shows that photography is about adapting to its unpredictabilities and using them to paint a new picture. His energy in the video is almost contagious and inspirational, excited to push the barriers and try new things. He discusses the importance of relationships in forming meaning that can be conveyed in the photos, as well as in composing the photograph establishing a mutual trust that is essential 

to achieve the shot. as well as in the creation of the photos, having trust and confidence. This short video gives Stephen’s photos a story and we are taken on a journey to discover how it’s shaped to its final form and the many details that are embedded in the photo. The videos’ intimacy and genuinity makes us audiences feel a part of the action, conjuring a sense of respect and appreciation for the industry. 

Film Review Millie Black