Bye Bye Bobsled. Thredbo Says Farewell

Emma 22.04.2024

 It’s a sad day for fans of Thredbo’s bobsled ride , closing April 28, 2024 

The bobsled is such a family favourite and has been for over 30 years. So many of us grew up with fond memories of this simple metal contraption giving riders such exponential joy. To operate The Bob, riders sit on a metal mat-like tray and clutch one centrally situated brake in with the capacity to simply stop or let it roll. The upwards journey consists of the metal tray pulled upwards on a motorised traction belt to the top, then navigating down 700 metres of twists and turns on the singular track all the way down again. 

A slightly temperamental beast, the bobsled has never liked the snow or super frosty days but is very popular in spring, summer and autumn.

We’re going to miss the Thredbo bobsled, fond memories include the smell of Thredbo wildflowers in the summer with the sun on your back and shiny metal sides. 

There are plenty of other fun things to do around Thredbo once The Bob is gone, including the Alpine bungee trampolines all year round and the new long awaited Alpine Coaster opening on the June long weekend 2024. Summer action might be over at the end of April but head over to the leisure centre, it’s open all year round for the pool ,waterslide, inflatables and  zero gravity trampoline sessions. Check the website or call and check with staff for availability and opening times.