Venture Heat Avert glove liners defeat the cold

snow action team 02.01.2020

Venture Heat Avert Glove liners got the tick of approval from our tester Snowboard Editor Peter Wunder last winter downunder. Now as the real winter arrives in his northern home at Rusutsu he has given them the full workout up there filing this update.

Be as warm as if you were in front of the fire with Venture Heat Avert Glove Liners © Peter Wunder

I took these gloves out in Thredbo a few times and they got hot enough to set my hands on fire.

Now I am using them in Japan where it is normally around -10° C or less and in these temperatures the Venture Heat Avert glove liners really sshow their true value.

A lot of heated products leave you wondering if they’re on or not but I love that these liners get so hot you have no doubt they are doing their job.

View of battery insert pocket on Venture Heat Avert glove liners
The batteries slot into the zip pocket © Peter Wunder

These glove liners suit so many different situations: like cold days out watching kids sport; marshalling for ski races; fishing; camping; or motor bike riding to name a few obvious ones.

I would have loved to have these when I was building my house on -5° mornings in the Aussie winter. Maybe not to work in all day but they sure would have been great when I couldn’t feel my hands anymore!

The heating wire runs around the insides of each finger and has 3 heat settings controlled with a button on the sleeve which lights up – low and medium are greeen, red is hot.

It’s easy to see what mode you’re on. Low and medium are green and orange, and last up to 5 hours. I didn’t find a huge temperature difference between them, but the highest setting is red, it lasts for 2 hours and it’s so hot you’d be lucky to want it up that high for the full 2 hours. Red is great for a quick heat blast when you need it.

The glove liners are slim so they fit under any other glove and just having a second layer makes a huge difference in hand heat before you even start the heat settings.

Charging the batteries is very easy, just unzip the sleeves, disconnect the batteries and charge using the connector provided. You can buy extra batteries for more heat time, and also a charger pack to charge on the go.

No more days need to be cut short by cold hands. These glove liners let you get on with what you’re doing without being interrupted by the discomfort of freezing hands. Studies show warming your hands increases total body warmth, you will not regret it.

Definitely a great buy if your hands struggle in the cold, I highly recommend these glove liners.

Heat setting button on Venture Heat Avert glove liners glows red or green according to the setting
Red glow = Hot; Orange = Medium, Green = Low; you feel the difference © Peter Wunder

It’s hard to believe now as Thredbo just got evacuated due to bushfire danger, but Venture Heat Avert glove liners are a great accessory for winter downunder. Last winter South Eastern Australia was being hit with -10° overnight temperatures and a bracing southerly airflow, our local version of the Siberian Express.

Venture Heat glove liners pack - what you get
Get this pack delivered soon and kiss cold hands goodbye

You can grin (through chattering teeth) and bear that. Or you can look for solutions, like heating the hands with handy Venture Heat Avert inner gloves, or glove liners.

Featuring carbon fibre elements running around the fingers and extremities, not copper wires that get worn by clenching of the hands in them, the Averts can be charged up and slipped inside a glove or mitt – for Aussie conditions teaming them with a looser fitting spring style glove would give you an all season/all conditions combo for example.

Venture Heat glove liners view of battery pocket
The battery pack just slips inside the zip pocket

With touch-screen sensitive finger tips they are also handy to wear stopping to use or adjust your devices in the cold too.

Temperature control is simple via the button on the top of the gloves with 3 colour coded heat modes – on low (green) you get 5 hours heat, medium (yellow) 3.5 hours & high (red) 2 hours. If it’s really cold fire them up high for a bit then drop it back to low will work for most conditions and remember to pop it off when stopping for lunch and you’ll easily get in a full day skiing or riding in them.

Handy for a lot of outdoor activities too.

Venture Heat Avert glove liners are $AUD 209.

If you prefer mittens, Venture Heat’s OHM battery heated mittens are $AUD 239.

The company make motorbike specific heat gloves as well.

For skiers and boarders in OZ or NZ, orders over $100 ship free to Australia, over $150 ship free to New Zealand too.

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