Jones Solution split board snow test and review

snow action team 03.08.2018

Who better to road test the new Jones Solution split board than our snowboard gear guru Peter Wunder, who alternates winters in Thredbo and Rusutsu and loves the backcountry at both.

And where better than Twin Valleys out from Thredbo, where Owain Price & Marcus Heston went with Pete to get the shots.

Jones Solution split board close up view
The Jones Solution split board is one sweet stick! © Owain Price

Last week I went to Rhythm in Cooma and bought a Jones Solution 162cm split board at a great price. The staff at Rhythm gave me a lot of information to help me make my purchase, and showed me how everything worked on the board and bindings.
I took the board home, set it all up, cut the skins to shape, and then took it out to Twin Valleys with Owain the next day to try it out.

We started from Anton’s T-bar in Thredbo and skinned for 40 minutes along the ridge line until we came to the top of Twin Valleys.

The board was effortless to pull apart into walk mode. It took about 40 seconds to complete the change and a minute to put the skins on. (Yes, Pete was embarrassingly faster than us skiers getting his skins on!)

The great thing about this board is it’s so light yet stiff with the carbon stringers in it. This makes it less tiring to walk.
Another great feature of the Jones Solution split board is the mellow magnatraction edging, which is five points creating a serrated edge like a bread knife on both edges of both halves of the board. This makes it easier to walk on firm areas and grabs the snow on any icy sections so you can hold your edge while riding.
Once we arrived at the top of Twin Valleys it took less than 2 minutes to convert it back to a board.

skinning on Jones Solution split board
It looks like they are on the wrong foot © Owain Price

We started our descent through the top section. It was quite open with great features to ride. Half way down it plateaus out and there are more trees. I was thinking this was the end of the run but then the trees stop and there’s a massive steep bowl which had knee deep powder with three to four meter high kickers in every direction.

Riding Jones Solution split border in Aussie powder
Pete gives it the speed test © Owain Price

I felt like I was in Japan on a big powder day not having to hold back. We had lunch at the bottom and because the bindings are so easy to remove, I took them off and instantly had a great bench seat for a comfortable lunch.

The long climb out is steep and narrow up the chutes but the light weight board made it so much easier than my old split board set up. The stiffness of the board meant none of my energy was wasted. It was a pleasure to use and I was first up the hill. I changed back to board mode to ride back to Thredbo.

Skinning is easy on the Jones Solution split board
Pete and the Jones Solution split board made easy work of the serious haul back © Owain Price

I can’t believe how quick and simple the design is to swap between modes.

I was as quick to change as my friends on skis were, who are just changing their bindings into walk mode. [No Pete you were way quicker! – Ed].

It was a great day out and I highly recommend the Jones Solution split board for anyone wanting to do more back country adventuring. Rhythm have a huge range of split boards and knowledge about the differences between them.

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The Jones Solution split board
Pete shows off the board back at Merrits © Owain Price
Close up of base of Jones Solution split board
Can you spot the magnatraction wavy edges – a toned version of the Lib Tech one