Moss Snowstick Swallowtail snow test

snow action team 08.02.2019

The Moss Snowstick is my go to swallowtail powder board for the shallower pow days, reports our Snowboard Editor Peter Wunder. He has lived his northern winters in Rusustu, one of the snowiest places on the planet, for a decade, so when it comes to assessing pow performance he speaks from (very!) frequent experience!

Moss Snowstick top sheet picture with Hokkaido's famous Mt Yotei ini the background
You can’t argue with the view – of Yotei or the gorgeous MOSS SNOWSTICK © Peter Wunder

When I’m in Japan I only ride two brands of snowboards: Gentemstick and Moss Snowstick.

I ride my Gentem Super Fish 176 on the deep deep days because it’s very wide with massive float – check Peter’s Gentemstick review/test here.

But on the not so deep days I opt for the Moss stick 170 Swallowtail. It’s a little narrower in the nose and stiffer than the Gentem. The Moss stick is kind on my feet and ankles, it doesn’t catch bumps and sucks up some of the pressure on more solid snow.

This board is nimble to ride, great through tight trees. It gives great pop off any bumps, yet still eats up the groomers and if you do find some really deep snow it still rips in the deep powder.

Slashing a rooster tail in Rusutsu area on the Moss Snowstick
Pete ripping the Moss Snowstick © Andrea Wunder

The Moss Snowstick website perfectly explains what you will experience – they are not exaggerating here:

 It’s not just a powder board. Yes, the shape of the Swallowtail was originally intended for powder, but Moss’s swallowtail has been designed to surf the entire mountain in all conditions. Further forward stance options and a longer effective edge gives the board a feel similar to a traditional snowboard. The width and length of the tails are relative to the difference riding styles that can be achieved with this board. The 50 and 58 have longer, flexible tails than the 62 and 70, giving the board a softer and more playful ride. Moving your weight back when finishing the turn, you can get the tail to bend, shortening the sidecut, making for a tighter turn. Staying more center on the board, those graceful, almost longboard like turns, can be handled with ease.

It’s a great board and kinder on the wallet than other fishtail boards.

Moss Snowstick have a wide range of boards and it comes down to you to choosing what will suit you best and your style of riding.

Riding trees on a MOSS Performance Quad Fishbone 60 snowboard
Andrea Wunder charging the birches on her MOSS Performance Quad Fishbone 60 © Peter Wunder

My wife rides a Moss Performance Quad Fishbone 60 with a beautiful wood grain top and a glass finish. People comment on the look of the board and it is super quick. She flies past everyone on the run outs and just loves it in the powder.

Andrea can shred Rusutsu’s epic groomers on her Moss Fishbone 60 too © Peter Wunder

Moss Snowstick is a high quality board brand and great to look at. Check their range on the website.

Get your hands on one if you get the chance.

Moss Snowstick specs

LENGTH: 1700
EF.EDGE: 1230
SIDECUT: 10200/7300
NOSE/WAIST/TAIL: 327/277/307
STANCE WIDTH: 540 (480-600)

Showing the MOSS Snowstick board on snow in Hokkaido
MOSS SNOWSTICK style © Andrea Wunder