Zarkie heated gear socks & gloves are ideal chill busters

snow action team 12.06.2019

Zarkie heated gear socks, gloves and insoles are ideal chill buster. As mid-winter arrives across the Southern Hemisphere there’s no better time to be checking them out.

For skiers and boarders in OZ or NZ, orders over $100 ship free to Australia, over $150 (one pair of heat socks kit for example) ship free to New Zealand too.

Zarkie heated products socks close up of battery slotted into sock sleeve above boot
Zarkie heated products socks with battery slotted into sleeve © Snow Action

The range covers everything from heated socks to gloves to insoles.

For snow lovers the two top-of-mind Zarkie heated gear items would have to be the USB-battery charge socks and heated glove liners that you can pop in any suitable set of gloves.

Zarkie’s new Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Socks come with a controller included which makes customising your heat even easier.

Testing the unit we found it dead simple to use: after a few minutes the heat kicked in and when it got more than hot enough we turned it off.

the slimline Zarkie battery showing its size against a hand
The slimline Zarkie battery © Snow Action

Zarkie heated gear socks offer 3 settings and can last for 9+ hours on the low setting. They can also be used without the wireless controller – on low for example on a normal cold but not extremely so day skiing/riding you would just set and forget.

If it’s super cold turn them on high and make sure you are warm before you head out in your ski/board boots.

Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference they make to your ski day. Let’s face it, anything below -5° or so gets chilly, and while Australia doesn’t generally get -20 or worse bulb temperature wind chill can make things seem way colder than that.

Of course when you head off on your next Japow or other northern mission you will find them even more useful. Nothing worse than spending a bomb on your snow trip only to have your on-snow time limited because it’s too cold.

Slot the battery pack in the pocket at top of socks and you’re ready to go © Snow Action

The heating element is now located underneath the toes which work with your boots to trap the heat in and keep the rest of your body warm.

Care is simple. Just slip the battery pack controller from the socks whilst washing them. The cotton blend fabric makes them soft and comfortable as well as durable.

You really don’t notice the Zarkie heated gear USB battery unit tucked inside the top of the sock pocket under your ski pants – it protrudes less than the cuff line of the average boot. In our DAHU soft inner exo-skeleton boots as pictured you can see they will work fine for snowboard boots as well as ski boots.

Getting started is as easy as charging the batteries and slotting them in ready to go.

Zarkie USB controller heat socks are $AUD189.00 or 4 x $47.25 instalments on after pay.

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More/purchase at Zarkie.com.au

Charging is easy with the 2 pronged USB charger © Snow Action
Zarkie heated gear batteries & wireless controller © Zarkie heated gear