Ride 509 heated goggles Japow road test

snow action team 10.04.2019

Ride 509 Sinister Ignite heated goggles do an amazing job of keeping your lens fog free reports even in extreme conditions. Snow Action Snowboard Editor Peter Wunder put a pair through the deep Japow super shred test on the snow trail bike around his Rusutsu Hokkaido back yard.

 Ride 509 Sinister Ignite goggles  road tested in Rusutsu Japan
The Ride 509 Sinister Ignite goggles look pretty schmick too © Peter Wunder

Most skiers and snowboarders know the trouble when you can’t see a thing because your goggles are fogged up on the best powder day. Sometimes it happens when you have a crash and your goggles fly across the snow scooping up snow and ice. It quickly turns an epic day into a nightmare if every run is a struggle to see where you’re going. Well those days are over! Introducing Ride 509 heated goggles – their Ignite series features several models, I got the Sinister Ignite.

These goggles are impressive. I originally found out about them through pure frustration from riding my snow mobile in deep Japan powder. Every time I went riding and did tight turns, where my head is buried in snow, my goggles fogged and I couldn’t see. Or if I got the sled stuck, I would over-heat trying to dig it out and my goggles would get a full steam layer inside the lens which meant my ride was over. I used to carry two spare goggles to change into but once I’m hot they only last 10 minutes before they are gone as well. 

Digging out the snow mobile after a metre of snow overnite in Rusutsu to test the Ride 509 Ignite Heated goggles
Before testing got to dig out the sled! © Andrea Wunder

I started researching to find out what others do about this problem and I stumbled across the Ride 509 heated goggles. I was super excited and then I found they are sold out around the world for this winter. But that just shows how good they are.I wasn’t going to give up, so I spent days looking for them on the internet. I finally found one pair in a small remote shop in the USA. I was stoked and obviously bought them.

I couldn’t wait see how they worked, on the next big powder day I went out on the snow mobile with my new Ride 509 heated goggles.

Their website explains they are ‘fuelled by a lightweight strap-mounted 7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion power pack, the entire surface of the lens quickly heats up to 104° F using a transparent thermal conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) layer on the inner lens. Evolved from military aircraft windshield defrosting technology, the Ignite quickly eliminates fog with a single button in either two minute auto mode or ‘always on’ mode. A continuous run time rating of 4-5 full hours at max temp ensures you are fog free all day.’

I turned them on full heat and off I went. I gave them a massive work out as I did tight turns with my head buried in the snow. Their air vents of my full face helmet were totally blocked, which normally fogs my goggles in minutes. But there was nothing, not a centimetre of fog, only clear vision the same as when I left home.

I went into some tight up-hill tree glades and buried the sled getting it stuck. This meant 25 minutes of digging to get it out, which would normally mean my goggles have steam dripping like a sauna room.

In the past I always had to take my helmet off while digging, to try and keep any hope of seeing again once the sled is unstuck. But by then I’m so hot that as soon as my helmet goes back on it fogs instantly. With the 509s I can leave my helmet and goggles on the whole time while I dig. I couldn’t believe it at first, I was waiting for the usual haze but nothing. These are the best thing since sliced bread. 

Even though Ride 509 heated goggles are sold primarily for use on snow mobiles, they’re perfect for skiing and snowboarding, especially on wet days. Can you imagine no fog on a wet snow day? While all your mates are inside trying to dry their goggles under the bathroom hand dryer, you can still be out ripping it up. 

Ride 509 Ignite heated goggles on, ready to charge in metre deep snow at Rusutsu
Although sold primarily for use on snow mobiles they’re perfect for skiing and boarding © Andrea Wunder

The Ride 509 Sinister Ignite heated goggles look great and I love the nose guard to stop the cold air freezing the end of your nose. The battery pack just sits on the side of the strap so it doesn’t stand out. Charging is easy, just plug it in when you get home and its ready to go for tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for these goggles but expect a wait time to get them. The price is around AUD $250 depending on model and any deals, so not much more than a normal pair of high-end goggles but well worth it for anyone who has problems with fogging.

 Here’s a link to their web site:


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