Rhino-Racks rock: the easy way to stash your snow stuff

snow action team 21.08.2020

Rhino-Racks rock the snow!

if you just need to slap your boards or skis on the roof the Ski and Snowboard Carrier is the smart way to carry up to 6 sets of skis or 4 boards.

There’s no easier way to stash all the stuff than stuffing it into a Rhino-Rack Masterfit Roof Box, available in 4 convenient sizes according to your needs.

We have been Rhino-Rack fans for ages – check our 4 season road test of the roof box here.

Here’s the latest on their range out there for winter 2020 – including a call shovel and clip on shovel racks for fast dig outs when you get caught in another crazy day at Thredbo for example!

Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier

RRP from $238

Rhino-Rack understands that it can be a little difficult hauling snow equipment. With a generous internal length of 695mm, the Ski and Snowboard Carrier can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or up to 4 snowboards to ensure no one misses out on a snowy adventure. Designed with a release and lock mechanism easy enough to handle with gloved hands, the carrier securely transports your snow gear to and from the mountains, giving you peace of mind while preventing clutter inside your vehicle.

We rocked them recently in ugly conditions heading out back from Guthega and couldn’t fault them, loading up our selection of AT and telemark binding mountain boards in a flash.

The unit is super sturdy and the gear rides high off the roof.

Being UV protected, waterproof, rust proof and mould resistant, the Rhino-Rack carrier can be used year-round, even after the snow has melted.

Also, as the Pride Auto Accessories team in Canberra who fitted ours told us, “Come spring everyone comes in for the kayak or bike attachment – it’s such an easy swapover”.

Masterfit Roof Box

RRP from $679

Planning a road trip? The Rhino-Rack Masterfit Roof Box has you (or your equipment) covered as it conveniently comes in four sizes to carry your ski and snowboard supplies so you can enjoy your trip without needing to compromise on what to bring. The durable and narrow design reduces wind drag when you drive and the Twist to Tighten & Press to Lock clamping mechanism ensures its ease of use for anyone.

Loading a Rhino-Rack Masterfit Roof Box
Stash and go with a Rhino-Rack Masterfit Roof Box

Rhino-Rack Shovel

RRP from $67

For the times when the snow has piled up and you need to make a path for your next adventure, the Rhino-Rack square mouth shovel is the sidekick you need. Constructed with a contoured non-slip grip, the shovel guarantees both comfort and control to minimise fatigue and reduce risk of injury. With a stainless steel 304 blade, the shovel’s corrosion resistance can withstand all weather conditions.

Shovel Holder

RRP from $57

To accompany the trusty shovel, the Rhino-Rack shovel holder can be mounted to your crossbars so you don’t need to worry about damaging the inside of your car while leaving room for other essential adventure supplies. Simply mount your shovel into the shovel holder bracket and off you go on your winter adventure.

For more information on Rhino-Rack and to view the full product range visit their site.

If you’re in the ACT – or driving through to/from the snow – check our Pride Auto Group, their Fyshwick location is 5 minutes off the freeway round Canberra. Matty and the friendly team will get you sorted.