Diary of a crazy day at Thredbo

snow action team 14.07.2020

What a crazy day yesterday at Thredbo! Monday the 13th July 2020 will go down as one of the craziest days ever there. After almost no snow for weeks the tap and the wind turned on, full blast.

Our Snowboard Editor Peter Wunder lives in the village (alternating Rusutsu and Thredbo seasons as you do) and rides every day normally – he managed to lock in 49 days for $2,400 plus on Thredbo’s pre-book lottery system a few weeks back, which was triple what he had paid for the season pass originally, so he’s keen as mustard to get the most out of every day.

Which took more effort than usual yesterday ..

First ride for season 2020 on the Kosciuszko Chair at Thredbo
The Kozi chair opened for the season at 2pm, Pete got 10 laps in © Peter Wunder

You know it’s going to be one of those days when the power goes out at 6.30am and doesn’t come back on for 8 hours.

Today was a whole village of people who hadn’t had their morning coffee but we had a metre of powder so who needs coffee?

The road from Jindabyne was shut by fallen trees and multiple car accidents. Trees and branches were fallen throughout the village from the weight of the wet heavy snow and the opening of the Super Trail for the season was delayed by the removal of trees that had fallen on the chair lift cable. 

My first run down High Noon was on 40cm of new snow that was boot deep, but very wet.

Merrits was next on the agenda and offered a few great runs, although by then I was soaked.

It snowed heavily and consistently all day and although there was no rain, it was definitely wet conditions. 

The Super Trail opened around 2pm offering 70cm of fresh white snow. There were probably only 60 people left out skiing in the afternoon in the trying conditions. It’s got to be one of the top 5 deepest days I’ve had in Thredbo.

Most people only lasted a lap or two in the thick wet snow, and I lost count of how many people lost a ski or two.

I did 10 laps of the Super Trail, getting fresh tracks every time, but I was happy to leave the destroyed chop behind at the end of the day.

Some free entertainment on the way home was watching the car who’s driver refused to put chains get stuck sideways in the bank on the side of the road.

Plenty of caos on the roads © Peter Wunder