Rhino Rack Masterfit Roof Box road test

Rhino Rack’s Masterfit Roof Box is bloody handy, winter or summer, reports our SUV gear guru John Wright.

Rhino Rack in winter at Hotham
Rhino Rack in winter mode at Hotham © John Wright

Family guy John has 3 active boys, and Mrs Wright will tell you there are 4 active boys to look after.

That’s a lot of boys toys and stuff to lug around. The Wrights make the trek from Melbourne to Mt Hotham almost every weekend in ski season. Come summer they are off to Lake Eildon or doing SUV trek trips in Victoria’s spectacular High Country.

Taking the family skiing means a crazy amount of gear © John Wright

We’ve been road testing the Rhino Rack Roof Box all winter. 2018 turned out to be one of the best snow seasons in Australia this century, with plenty of great snow. Having secure storage for our winter gear was an even better bonus, the Roof Box freeing up heaps of space in the back compared to previous winters.

In heavy snow and freezing cold it kept on performing.

Convoy time © John Wright

But the Roof Box is far too useful not to keep using it in summer as well.
For example, we joined Arrabri Ski Club’s Advanced Guided 4×4 Weekend exploring the Alpine National Park in November. We filled up the Rhino Rack Roof Box and set out to punish it over the weekend.

Summer load © John Wright

Result – a massive pass. It’s strong, durable, and holds plenty, really freeing up your vehicle.

Roof Box took all our recovery gear, a spare battery, 9kg gas bottle, sleeping bags, food, and allowed space in the back of 4WD for Eskys, BBQ’s and Chairs.

Organising a road trip can be stressful and knowing what to pack can take a lot of planning. There’s nothing worse than realising something won’t fit into your vehicle right before you head off, so Rhino-Rack has provided a simple solution with the MasterFit Roof Box 320L.

The innovative and convenient storage device is suitable for both on and off road trips and can carry up to 75kg. Ideal for transporting excess gear, camping equipment, prams, snowboards, wakeboards and golf clubs, the MasterFit Roof Box is great for getaways of all sizes, all year round.

The unique MasterFit technology allows for the Roof Box to be installed quickly and safely thanks to the Twist to Tighten and Press Lock clamping system. Its narrow design means it won’t take up much space, allowing for even more gear to fit on the roof racks. The sleek and stylish black design means it won’t be a travelling eyesore on top of your 4WD.

Your gear will be safe and well secured with the help of two metal reinforcement profiles under the box and two load securing straps that are also included. Not to mention, the opening on the right-hand side can be locked with a key to secure your valuables.

Rhino Racks Masterfit Roof Box closed
Sleek styling keeps drag to a minimum © Rhino Racks

Aerodynamically designed to reduce wind drag, the MasterFit Roof Box is made using tough and durable materials to face all kinds of climates. Designed to complement your other Rhino-Rack gear, this fits directly onto the Vortex and Euro systems.

With Rhino-Rack’s MasterFit Roof Box, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is making sure you have enough time to use all the equipment you have packed!

Rhino-Rack MasterFit Roof Box 320L RRP AUD 639.00

For more information on Rhino-Rack and to view the full product range visit

Where will you go next? © John Wright