Oakley MOD1 helmet on snow test and review

snow action team 29.07.2020

The Oakley MOD1 is the latest in their popular MOD series, adding a freestyle specific model to the range. So we handed it to top tester Steve Crazy Leeder to check out in bounds at Perisher and out of bounds at Mt Wheatley last week.

It’s a ‘Yes!’ from Steve Crazy for the Oakley MOD1 © Owain Price

He gave it one serious workout, and a fat thumbs up..

If you know anything about me at all you know I’m really good at testing body protection.

Last year I put my helmet through the toughest of tests and only just survived myself. This year I am going to do everything I can to try and not test out protection that thoroughly, but so far after the first couple of days playing in the new MOD1 helmet from OAKLEY I have given it a pretty good thrashing.

[understatement, check the video; I was pretty worried about him after he clipped the rock on takeoff, but he emerged smiling in one piece]

Heading for a faceplant crash while testing the Oakley MOD1 helmet
Catching a ski on rock on takeoff left Steve with a seriously solid face plant smack in © Owain Price
MOD1 Crash Test, tick © Owain Price

Every time I pick it up I still just think it’s some inflatable kids bouncy ball. Light weight is an understatement.

If you have ever said “I wish my helmet wasn’t so heavy to carry into the back country on trips” well that excuse is gone with the MOD1.

I think the best part of this new helmet is the BOA® 360 FIT SYSTEM. I’ve got a pretty tiny odd shaped head, but with the BOA I can dial the helmet fit in perfect. Not just in a press here and here way, but in a way that it’s really smooth around my whole head.

I also really like the FIDLOCK® BUCKLE ‘cause trying to do up any buckle after you’ve put your gloves on sucks. This buckle is magnetic so you just have to get it close and it locks together.

Another cool feature are the REMOVABLE LINER/EARPADS which are machine washable, adaptable for various weather conditions, and provides freedom to wear the goggle strap underneath the helmet. 

Simple style, awesome fit and a really easy to swallow price tag makes this helmet a no brainer..

It’s a great addition to the range – we also loved the Oakley MOD3 as tested last year here

Available in 3 fits, Standard, Asian and Youth, $AUD 159.95

Check them out in store or online

Team it with some Oakley Fall Line XL goggles – that Prizm lens is amazing!

Testing times © Owain Price