Oakley MOD3 MIPS helmet on snow test and review

snow action team 30.08.2019

The more days I ski with the Oakley MOD3 MIPS helmet the more I like it. Super light, super snug, with an easy flic open/shut vent system, and comfortable.

I have not given it the actual crash-test-dummy crash test yet, but if, or more likely when I do, the MIPS technology is accepted as the bees knees in that department (a low-friction liner that helps reduce rotational energy to the brain in an angled impact as it allows the helmet to rotate independently around your head, redirecting impact energy and providing more protection in certain impacts).

The Oakley MOD3 match seamlessly with their PRIZM goggles – my Olympics special edition ones have done 3 Japow missions and nearly 2 full southern winters now, so if they’re showing their age fair enough; & me too I say .. © Owain Price

Or put another way, it should stack up should I stack.

Meantime the Oakley MOD3 has already taken quite a few tree branches on my behalf whenever I get carried away in the Patagonian lenga forests on pow days. No springy pines these! Like most trees I ever skied into, the little twiggy bits you think are going to be nothing tend to be much tougher, so it’s very handy having the helmet in place. The coating seems to be pretty scratch proof too, still looking as new.

The BOA dial fit system ensures perfect tight fit, while the vents are set to accomodate a top mounted GoPro.

They team seamlessly with Oakley goggles, like my Olympic special edition PRIZM ones from 2018. If you do have a gap with other goggles the included clip on brim attachement should sort things for you.

Oakley’s magnet clip system is literally a snap to flic on and off! Small detail, but way cool feature. It’s likely to be more robust too as there are no push in arms to snap off on the clip like my other helmets have.

Oakley MOD3 our verdict

We love this lid. Another great helmet from Oakley. Everything just works .. in fact the snap clip, well I never even knew it had a magnet there till I saw that looking up the details for this! I just did it up and forgot about it day 1 jumping off the lift. I remember vaguely noticing it was really easy to do up, and even fumbling around in ski gloves. Now I, and you, now why.

The fit was so snug initially I thought I might have gone too small, but over a few days it became pretty perfect. On cold days I have room for a thin skull cap beanie (from Svaen – great gear from the little known Canadian crew who started out keeping North Atlantic fishermen warm).

Available for $AUD 249 at snow stores or from Oakley worldwide on the link.

Oakley MOD3 helmet they say/the details

All-Mountain versatility, designed with a clean and simple aesthetic. Featuring a lightweight in-mold construction and our Modular Brim System (MBS), the MOD3 delivers the highest level of comfort for all day riding. MIPS technology included. Click HERE to learn more about the Oakley MOD Helmet.

  • MBS – Modular Brim System
  • Lightweigh In-Mold Construction
  • MIPS – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System
  • BOA® fit system
  • Fidlock® magentic buckle closure
  • Fixed Ventilation
  • Removable Comfort Liner
  • Removable Ear Pads
  • Removable Goggle Strap Retainer
  • Helmet Bag Included
  • Small (51-55cm) / Medium (55-59cm) / Large (59-63cm)
  • ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077 certifications
Oakley MOD3 MIPS helmet in black
Back in black © Oakley