Oakley Fall Line XL goggle test: we can see clearly now!

Just how good are the Oakley Fall Line XL goggles? Seeing is believing! Our snow test duo were blown away by the PRIZM™ lens definition difference in bright light. We gave them a workout inbounds and out the back from both Thredbo and Perisher.

Close up of the Oakley Fall Line XL goggle
We got excited when the Oakleys dropped at the office – do they look hot or what?

Sunny spring days mean you get great visibility anyway you might be thinking. Well yes, but snow white makes for too bright usually. So with most goggles you simply won’t see the details in the snow pack ahead of you.

Pull down the Oakley Fall Line XL goggles and you suddenly see every little ripple and indentation highlighted as if by magic. It’s not magic, it’s Oakley’s PRIZM™ Snow lens technology in action.

This is their graphic, and it’s pretty much what you see for yourself.

Get onto oakley.com and play with their slider – it’s great to see ahead and read the snow that’s coming vs blank white

So what did our Oakley Fall Line XL testers think?

Steve Leeder:

“I was mind blown when I put the new PRIZM lens from Oakley on. I honestly couldn’t believe how crazy clear everything was compared to my normal goggles. It was like I was looking at life after everything had been amplified with Lightroom presets and the sharpen slider had been set to max.”

“I never want to take these lenses off!”

Steve loving the Oakley Fall Line XL look © Owain Price

Owain Price:

“I was actually blown away by the difference. Charging in spring snow a tiny difference in aspect can make a big difference to the snow conditions and with the Oakley Fall Line XL I could see exactly what was coming up and spot the perfect line through it all. It gives you the confidence to charge harder.”

“When I had them popped up on the helmet for taking pictures with just my sunnies on and skied off forgetting to pop them down again I really noticed the difference. These are simply the best bright conditions goggle I have ever had in 40 years of skiing, period.”

“The frameless lens also gives you the widest possible field of vision, which is very handy on crowded slopes with people randomly slashing about all over the place.”

“After wearing contact lenses to ski for years another side benefit I have found with Oakleys (their Olympic series PRIZM™ Snow model from last year and these) is that I can wear them like an OTG goggle, but without the annoying bulk of those. So it saves stuffing around with lenses and fluids, never mind the cost of daily lenses, so that’s another plus.”

Oakley Fall Line XL goggles on snow
doesn’t get much brighter than spring downunder and you won’t get better definition skiing it than with PRIZM™ Snow tech in the Oakley Fall Line XL © Owain Price

It teams perfectly with the Oakley MOD3 MIPS helmet too, check link for our snow test of the helmet.

Oakley Fall Line XL goggles $AUD 239 – at good ski & board stores or oakley.com

Oakley image

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