New Milo Action Communicator Snow Test & Review

How good is the new Milo Action Communicator on snow?

We gave a set to our Snowboard Editor & Gizmo Guru Peter Wunder to try out at Thredbo in early August. Regular readers will remember Pete as the guy who skied Thredbo for $12 a day last season, racking up 113 days on snow – sadly we are not likely to get close to that total in the too dry, too warm 2023 Aussie snow season but them’s the breaks.

View of the helmet mount for the Milo Action Communicator
Our Gear Guru Pete styling the helmet mount for the Milo Action Communicator © Peter Wunder

I’ve been using the Milo Action Communicator the past few days and I must say I was very intrigued when I found out I was being sent a few to try. I received 3 Milos to try with my friends.

Once I unwrapped them, I turned one on to see if it had any power or if I needed to charge it first. To my surprise, it was already charged and right away started talking to me giving me instructions on how to set it up, which only took a minute to do.

So I quickly set up the other two as well then thought, well, I don’t even need to read the instructions now that was so easy.

Milo Action Communicator set unpackaged
Ready to rock out of the package – they talk to you for super easy set up! © Peter Wunder. mk

They came with a few different connections to mount them in various ways. There’s a mount to put one on your mountain bike or the side of your helmet, and also an arm band, which is what I used for snowboarding.

The Milo Action Communicator itself connects to the mounting systems by a very strong magnet. To remove the magnet, you simply twist the Milo and it is undone. It comes with a few different sized lanyards as well which you can use to hang it off your arm or hang around your neck. You can also use the magnet with the lanyard as a safety precaution in case you accidentally twist the magnet and release the Milo.

Sleeve mounted view of the new Milo Action Communicator
Milo Action Communicator sleeve mounted, Pete’s go to mode for boarding © Peter Wunder

I gave a Milo each to two friends in Thredbo Ski Resort and off we went for a great day skiing.

They were fun to use and it was great being able to talk to each other when on T-Bar lifts, or if we sat on different chairs on a chairlift.

If we were traveling at speed, it was hard to hear each other. This particular day had icy snow conditions so there was a lot of snowboard noise which made it hard to hear while moving. But if we were traveling slower it was perfect. The noise-cancelling software is excellent and the microphones didn’t pick up any wind or board noise at all which was very impressive.

The Milo can be paired via bluetooth to an earbud or helmet speaker which would make it easier to hear than having the speaker lower down on your arm or jacket, especially if you were traveling fast or had a lot of surrounding noise. It has a range of 600 meters, but also relays off every Milo you’re using so you can extend that distance a lot if you have a few Milos being used at once. 

It was handy to be able to warn friends following me of a hazard like a rock or bumps, etc.

The Milo Action Communicator would be great if you were helping a friend learn to ski. You could be hundreds of meters away and give them tips on their skiing style.

These are great for a family too. All the kids could have one and be able to stay in touch.

It makes it so easy having no buttons to press, you just talk any time. It’s a fun way of keeping tabs on what everyone is doing, or letting everyone know if a ski fell off and you need them to wait.

I’m looking forward to using the Action Communicator when I go walking out the back of the ski resort. (Conditions have been too icy in this light-on Aussie winter). They’ll be a very handy tool for communicating over long distances and a great safety devise to let the group know if there’s danger ahead or which way to turn. I’ll also be using the Milos after winter on my mountain bike. 

The Milos are water proof so can be used while you and your friends are surfing, kite boarding or even wake boarding. They’re a must have if you’re into sports and I’m sure you could think of a million other uses for them, like traveling in separate cars on the way to your sport. Their use is only limited by your imagination.

Side on view showing how slimline the Milo Action Communicator is
Side on view shows how slimline the Milo Action Communicator is © Peter Wunder

Milo Action Communicator Key features:

  • Hands-free – simply connect with friends with a touch of a button, clip Milo onto clothing then head out. 
  • No phone or wifi needed with Milo Mesh Network – the company’s very own patented and private network. 
  • Sophisticated noise and background reduction algorithms. Its 6 advanced directional microphones deliver clear audio no matter what the conditions. 
  • Waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes
  • Multi-way communication for groups of up to 8
  • 10 hour battery life 
  • Only update the software, not the device. 

Priced at $AUD 399, the Milo Action Communicator can be purchased online from 

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