Burton thinks so with their Step On Bindings

Emma 04.04.2024

Is there an easier way to learn to ride?

I’ve been wanting to try snowboarding and finally got my chance. 

Snowboard bindings always looked fiddly and a bit embarrassing how everyone has to stand there waiting for ‘The Snowboarder’ to strap in when they really want to take off. Lucky for me I tried Burton’s Step-On bindings and it took away so many hassles. Taking just seconds to clip my foot into the binding I didn’t even have to sit down. The bindings were very simple to use and at no point of my step-on experience did I worry about my boots unclipping while riding. They felt secure and safe and extremely comfortable. 

At the start of the week it took a little while for my feet to get used to snowboard boots after wearing ski boots. As time went on, my feet began to mold comfortably to the cushioning in the boot and the experience became second nature.

I rode Burton’s Women’s Yeasayer Flat Top Snowboard , a great choice with the option to move bindings easily if needed. During my week at Thredbo, as my riding progressed we adjusted the bindings and adapted my position to a more comfortable stance. The board gave me access to free movement and smooth carving turns. It was a great choice of equipment to learn and progress on, I really recommend it. 

I’m sure my equipment was a huge part of the reason I was able to progress so quickly in just five days. On the first morning I struggled on the beginner slope but by the last day I was confidently riding all the chairlifts on the hill, even trying out small jumps and a box!

Of course snowboarding didn’t come perfectly naturally to me so professional lessons were extremely helpful. The snowboard instructor helped lift my ability and understanding of position and mechanics of movement and I would recommend one of two lessons before struggling on your own. 

Everyone knows the stress of holding friends up while you strap boots into the board. It’s a thing. Without a doubt Step-on bindings allowed me to focus on enjoying my snowboarding experience. I didn’t have everyone watching me making me self conscious and one of the highlights was being on the slopes with my family (all skiers) by the last day. No one waited for me to strap on, it was a game changer. 

 Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Burton Step-On snowboard is a fantastic choice for its ease of use, comfort, and convenience. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

Chloe Age 15