Kessler Cross Xmas comes early for our board test guru

snow action team 18.07.2020

Nothing much beats opening a new pressie, especially when it’s a factory fresh 2021-2022 Kessler Cross 168 speed machine!

Direct from Kessler’s Swiss factory to Thredbo, into the palms of our resident snowboard guru/chief tester Peter Wunder.

“It’s the Lamborghini of boards!” Pete enthused.

Kessler Cross 168 2021-2022 model topsheet
From Switzerland to your door .. © Peter Wunder

He unwrapped it in record time, scooted down to Fleets in Berridale for a set of Flow NX2 bindings and somw Volcom stomp pads, and is set up ready to rocket-mode down the Supertrail etc at Thredbo.

Just needs a bit more snow now, you wouldn’t want to be damaging a $AUD 2,700 new stick on the sketchy stuff.

Pete’s already a confirmed Kessler fan (along with Aussie BoarderX Olympic silver medallist Jarryd Hughes and many more who appreciate the faster things in life) – check his review of the Kessler Cross Light model he road tested last year.

The brand new 2021-2022 Kessler Cross 168 is new to the market in Europe for next northern winter, so Pete will be one of the first to ride it. Stay tuned for the full review. Check out the gorgeous Kessler collection on their site here.

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For pow boards check check his Gentemstick and Moss Snowstick tests in Japan. He has done a decade of back-to-back Rusutsu seasons.

Kessler Cross 168 2021-2022 model base
Don’t want to mess this base so hang 5 for the full review © Peter Wunder