Do It Better in Dahu Boots: Day Trips and Touring

Dahu ski boots are not just more comfortable, they pretty much do it all.

The award-winning design with an inner boot that works as a stylish apres ski or snow boot inner plus exo-skeleton combo has no peers for comfort.

But you don’t miss out on anything in them either. Touring for example.

Locked and loaded at Eagles Nest Thredbo after a 600m vertical skin up © Dave Tweedie

Ski Touring In Dahu Boots

I personally suggested a touring option to the original Swiss designers of the boot 5 years ago; it wasn’t on their horizon then as a target market. Similar story today as far as a pin toe option with the American owners.

No problem for day touring says Aussie Dahu importer Dave ‘Cappo’ Tweedie. Based in Thredbo Tweedie has had an enforced opportunity to seriously test Dahu’s touring capabilities in frame binding set ups.

“Yes you can tour in Dahu boots and I am amazed at how great they work for touring in. I was super keen to try them out in the back country so I grabbed my touring skis with plate bindings and set off.

“After two full weeks of hiking up the mountains in the Thredbo area and I can tell you that they are made for this kind of stuff .

“Its great to just skin up not thinking about your boots at all. They are like very comfortable boots goiing uphill that will let you rip back down in a full alpine boot. No compromises.

“I am so happy that I have one set of boots for resort skiing that are also my touring boots now instead of having to own two pairs.”

Get the Grip Walk soles option for traction walking around out of your skis. – Dave Tweedie

Ski touring at Thredbo in Dahu boots
Two weeks and counting of earn your turns or don’t get any at Thredbo has been a real workout for the boots, and their owner © Dave Tweedie

Day Tripping in Dahu Boots

Dahu are the ultimate make-it-easy day trip boots says Snow Action Editor Owain Price.

Spoilt from 15 seasons living 5 minutes to the gondola at Cerro Catedral (with gear storage right next to it) it was a shock to get back into day tripping from Canberra to the NSW snow fields the past couple of years.

Stuffing around getting boots on in carparks after a 3 hour drive is not quite the same thing. Wasting time getting boots off and changed on the way down when you finally get back to the car is not much fun either.

Enter Dahu. If it’s just me and a sparrow-fart start I’ll slip the Dahu inners on in front of the fire at 5.30am and leave with a termos of coffee and some toast in hand for the trip. The rest of the gear already tossed in the back of the wagon the night before – no worries about your boots getting cold on a frosty night.

Dahu inner boots put on in front of fire for day trip
5:07 AM, July 19, Dahus on in front of fire helps ready for 3 hour drive ©

Arriving at the snow I clip into the outerboots as close as I can park to the lift base at Thredbo. Or usually I use Skitube for Perisher to avoid traffic and chains, plus I love starting at Blue Cow, and just put them on during the train trip up. Even better.

When skiing ends for the day it’s clip out and chill before training down. Usually I’ll need to see some people in Jindy and grab something from the bakery at Nuggets on the way home.

With luck, and a couple of txts to make sure, dutiful daughter has made dinner and I show up still in my Dahu inners for that.

What other ski boots can you wear inside your own house in front of the fire and then at someone else’s house for dinner the same night with a hard day skiing and 6 hours driving in between?

Dahu rules.

wear your Dahu boots to dinner
7:30 pm fed and rehydrating nicely stll comfy in Dahus © Carmen Price /

Last Chance to Buy Dahu this Year

Dahu have almost sold out downunder for 2021, with just a handfull of pairs are left.

If you are interested email Dave Tweedie

Check this one for Dave’s epic recent pre-dawn skin up for a huge pow day at Thredbo – in his Dahus of course!