Thredbo midnight pass ‘lottery’ awaits season pass holders

UPDATE: Well that worked !! Thredbo have heard us folks:

We wanted to give you the heads up that after hearing from you, we’ve updated the timing for the release of our Winter 2020 Lift Passes via our Online Shop. The passes will be now be available to purchase online from 12noon Thursday 11 June 2020

Full pricing is out too:

Adult pricing shown above

You will still need to do the log in / log out as outlined below –

To gain access to the different level of discounts, you need to have purchased the number of passes required. Upon completion of the purchase, you will need to log out and log back in to the Thredbo Online Shop to assign the higher level discount to your profile.

For example, to gain access to Silver level discounts, you must purchase 10 lift passes on your MyThredbo profile, before purchasing the next 5 lift passes.

It’s the Thredbo midnight pass ‘lottery’ coming up next week.

Or at 11:59 PM to be precise, June 10. Weird timing, which should favour the young/alert/party animals still up then .. Or not.

We reported previously Season Pass holders were in limbo waiting for details of Thredbo’s rates and discounts – the discounts being offered as replacement to the now cancelled Season Passes. These were touted as “up to 75% off*”

Better be quick for the days you want on Thredbo’s “Midnight Scrambler” next week .. © Snow Action

That asterisk has been explained now. The 75% off applies midweeks in September. Excited roar of approval? Thought so.

Now on the website it’s detailed as:

40% discount applies for the entire July school holidays. 75% discount will be available Tuesdays to Thursdays during September.

There is only one daily rate at Thredbo, the $159 day pass (and age variants as listed below). All available discounts are off that base rate. So yes, midweek in September you could get 10 days skiing (over 4 midweeks!) for under $400.

  • 22 to 64 years: $159.00
  • 18 to 21 years: $149.00
  • 13 to 17 years: $95.00
  • 5 to 12 years: $85.00
  • 65 to 69 years: $85.00
  • 70+ years: $40.00

Confused Season Pass holders have been checking directly with the Thredbo ticket office for clarification.

This is what one was told yesterday:

• 40% discount applies Tuesday – Thursday

• Discounts are lower Friday – Mondays (actual rates for these still not published)

• 75% discount applies Tuesday – Thursday in September

This the booking procedure he was told to follow:

To get discounts you need to log in and book 10 days for starters.

Then after putting in your first 10 days like that you need to log out.

Then log in again.

Book another 5 days, bringing your total up to 15 days. STILL unspecified further discounts will apply on those next 5 days you just pre-booked.

Then log out again.

Then log in again.

You are getting the hang of this by now hopefully .. Book another 5 days, bringing your total up to 20. Yes, STILL further unspecified discounts will apply on those next 5 days you pre-book.

Log out again.

No, we did not make this up, this is what staff told an enquirer, who was asking on behalf of himself and 30 or so friends.

While former Season Pass holders look for discounts on the days they guess they want to ski or ride, occasional visitors looking for their day, weekend, School Holidays or whatever dates they have booked accommodation for, will be trying to book theirs as well.

A midnight lottery to get the dates you want.

Thredbo will have staff on to assist – yes, after midnight. Lucky staff. Remember, they are just the staff – like checkout people during the great toilet paper drought – so don’t take it out on them if you are having problems booking and/or otherwise unhappy with the set up.

And good luck.

Their tips for making it work – like making sure you have loaded everything up prior – are here.

If it’s all too much, bubble theory is making progress – there is pressure building in Japan for renewed international travel with countries that have COVID-19 under control, apart from NZ hopefully coming back on the menu soon, with seasons there opening from June 12 for the big guns like Mt Hutt and already open for Tasman Glacier skiing.

Will be interesting to see what Vail Resorts downunder (Perisher, Hotham, Falls) and Buller (who have announced they are keeping their Season Memberships) will come up with by comparison. Hopefully something less convoluted that you don’t have to try and do at midnight.

Inter Schools are one of the many events off the menu for 2020 © Owain Price