Friday, August 14, 2020
With our downunder season back on and almost here time to Gear Up - today's choice the Rossignol Black Ops "Ride Free" series .. Equals Freeride backwards for those who came in late / stayed out late and are slow on the uptake today. Part of Rossi's campaign to inject some youthful flair into the brand.
With the economy off the cliff and many of us human lemmings following it, anything that saves cash is good, and the all new CARVE SCOPE goggles that rock the snow and the MTB trails fit the bill pretty perfectly says our tester Steve Crazy Leeder. The goggles are now online and instores.
SIDAS foot beds are market leaders. What's the fuss all about and do you need custom foot beds? Lead Tester Steve Crazy Leeder has the downlow. Everyone says your ski boots are your most important piece of ski gear but I want to take that one...
The Icebreaker gear test plan for March 2020 was simple: ski Japan, eat amazing food, kanpai into the wee hours and put the latest stuff from the sustainable merino gear specialists to a solid test. Nice in theory, then along came lockdown and flight shutdown. So tester Dave Windsor shifted the parameters slightly ..
Kastle FX96 HP skis are the bees knees, or should that be the perfect one ski quiver skis? That's our verdict after a 2 week 'off the grid' mission round some less known resorts in Toyama, Tochigi and Fukushima Prefectures in February 2020. We already rated...
Frodo had the Phial of Galadriel to light him through the darkest places, eco-friendly never mind handy when caught in giant spider's lairs. But that was a small production run, and the Elves shut up shop and went west long ago .. These days the search for functional alternatives continues, with Knog's Bandicoot Headlamp a serious contender.