Icebreaker Preseason Trail Test

Emma 06.06.2024

The Icebreaker Merino 260 Quantum IV Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie (A$319.99) was truly a standout performer during my recent three hour hike in Neerim East’s verdant forests.  Paired with my favourite Icebreaker tee (which I’ve owned for ages), the hoodie provided exceptional warmth and comfort in the crisp, clear 9oC Autumn morning. 

The pure merino wool construction of both garments ensured that I remained cosy without overheating, allowing me to fully enjoy my hike without feeling cold or hot.  The zip hoodie design allowed for easy temperature regulation and combines style and functionality as a mid-layer for skiing or top layer for hiking.

I converted to 100% merino over a decade ago and haven’t look back.  It’s soft, warm, breathable and simply works.  Being light, tough and natural makes it perfect for packing, washing and drying.  Icebreaker easily sits atop the merino pile and is my cold weather go to.  

My merino package was completed with a perfect pair of Icebreaker Merino Ski+ Light Over the Calf Socks (A$49.99).  With superb comfort, warmth, and zero stink even after half a day of hiking, these socks exemplified the high quality and performance that I’ve come to expect from Icebreaker. Whether hitting the trails, working in my garden or watching my son’s mighty Neerim District Cats under 12s footy team, the combination of the Icebreaker Merino 260 Quantum IV Hoodie and the Merino Ski+ Light Socks ensure that I stay cosy and comfortable in my patch of the great outdoors.

Overall, the trio of Icebreaker merino goodness proved to be a winning blend for my pre-season cool climate bushwalk.

Next stop … Baw Baw, Buller and Hotham.  

Available at icebreaker.com and all the best retailers.