Tips to Stop the Goggle Fog

Emma Wilson 19.06.2024

Are your goggles driving you bonkers with fog? Try this:  

  1. Keep your goggles warm before using them. Transfer them from the car, from inside your jacket or from a backpack. Room temperature is fine but don’t put them out in the snow for any reason. Let them be the final thing you put on (right before your gloves). 
  1. Don’t excessively wipe them, they have anti-fog coating on them already so can de-fog themselves once you get on a chairlift or start riding if they’re only a little bit foggy.
  1.  Invest in good quality goggles that fit well on your face with decent venting around the face area (so you’re not breathing into your goggles). 
  1.  Take care your goggles aren’t too tight. Find the sweet spot and leave them like that.
  1. Don’t take them off or put them on repeatedly. 
  1. Don’t put your goggles on top of your head / helmet.
  1.  Bring them inside at night and after each day on snow so they dry out completely.
  1. Don’t touch them, especially on the inside. If the top gets wet take them into the bathroom and use the air dryer but never touch the inside lens especially.
  1. Buy a google cover to prevent scratches. Scratches aren’t fog but they’re annoying and a goggle cover just uplevels the good care of them and keeps them looking good.
  1.  Different brands vary in venting, shape, quality and nose shape area so shop around and get ones fitted to your face that work best for you.