“ Finding exactly the stiffness you need for your performance objectives”. 

Gavin is passionate about hand making custom skis, honing his skills from two decades working in the industrial design industry, including a decade working internationally. China is where Gavin established his own design consultancy giving him the opportunity to springboard from his interest in creating new and innovative products with hundreds of projects and a huge knowledge bank working with and visiting factories. 

Gavin started designing skis on the side in 2016 and quickly discovered getting the right product on a customer’s foot was a nack he had, so in 2018 decided to back himself and make handmade skis full-time. 

“For me as a designer, I’ve always been in pursuit of perfection in an attempt to make the best possible products. Skis and snowboards are merely the medium I currently use to explore my need to create”. 

Operating from a workshop in Melbourne, Gavin uses an in-house press and custom tooling process designed after careful and constant referencing from designs he was making. This is used in conjunction with in-house 3D modelling and customer consultation to get the perfect fit. 

Each pair of skis is unique and as with the nature of handcrafted products, carries a higher price point due to premium sourced materials that are carefully selected, Each pair is made from a bamboo wood core, for strength and sustainability and the highest grade of carbon fibre to perform at the highest level with durability. 

“We believe the whole-of-life environmental impact of Liebe Skis to be greatly lower than skis that are more frequently replaced”.

Each material selected for performance, environmental impact & durability and sustainability is really important to Gavin. He has made Liebe Skii products made to last far longer than mass manufactured skis, by using a thicker base material than the industry standard combined with the bamboo and carbon fibre, increases the skis durability and longevity.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing terrestrial plant on the planet. Not just used for sustainability, Bamboo has some amazing material properties that work wonders for skis; higher compression strength than concrete and a tensile strength 3~4 times that of steel, while completely renewable in 36 months.

Liebe Skis get tested at the highest level in the toughest conditions as the brand supports many Freeride skiers competing in qualifiers for the Freeride World Tour. Philipp Koller from Austria, Tommy Branon (USA) are on the team, and formerly Alexis Dumas from France. All are ranked within the top 100 (top 50 previously) for their region, and even higher for their country. Phil, ranked second in 2023 with the aim of becoming Austrian champion which he is still attempting.

Many former Australian and international racers & current instructors (level 3 & 4 are curious about what these skis are capable of, they’ve become ambassadors and ski testers since the brand’s beginning.

If you’d like to demo Liebe skis, demo dates are:

Mt Hotham: July 13th

Mt. Buller: August 3rd

With limited spaces available, this year’s demo day is by registration only. Pre registration booking here.  ( Link FYR https://forms.gle/3KupoHcgiT8o3mGB9 )Or get in touch with Gavin here