How a Snow Trip Can Be the Ultimate Digital Detox

Emma Wilson 14.06.2024

One of the best things you can do to get the most from your holiday – is to switch off from work! I know, easier said than done… but the science shows if you can totally allow yourself to switch off, you’ll return back to the office refreshed, recharged and full of great ideas. Plus your productivity will be sky-high.

However, in the real world, a total switch off may end up causing more stress, especially if you run your own business. Limited access and being able to check in from time to time, might allow you to enjoy your holiday more. Here are my tips for establishing excellent boundaries and habits so you can come home refreshed and still employed, or with a business intact!

1. Batch Your Digital Tasks

Spend a quick 15 minutes on email in the morning, right after waking up or after breakfast. Respond to urgent matters with brief replies, such as “I’m away until Wednesday, I’ll call you on…” or “I’m just away in the mountains, back on Tuesday…”. Or if providing a response to a question, direct with few words is totally acceptable by the recipient who is no doubt aware you are away.

2. Set Up Your Out-of-Office Reply

Before you leave, set up an out-of-office email reply. Something simple like, “I’m away until [date], but if it’s really urgent, contact [alternative contact]” can keep your colleagues informed without requiring constant check-ins.

3. Switch Off Notifications

Turn off notifications for social media and emails during your trip. The constant ping of updates can pull you out of the serene natural environment and back into work mode. By silencing these distractions, you can stay present and enjoy the snow.

4. Ditch the Tech

Avoid attaching any technology to your equipment. That means no music or Bluetooth connected to your ski or snowboard helmet. Embrace the natural sounds around you—the swish of the snow, the rush of the wind, the chatter of fellow adventurers.

5. Challenge Yourself

Set small challenges to distance yourself from technology. Can you avoid social media for the entire trip? Can you refrain from posting updates? Try leaving your phone in the lodge or locker for a morning. Gradually increasing these periods can help you detox from the digital world.

6. Trust That You’ll Be Missed Less Than You Think

Recognise that it’s okay to be unavailable for short periods. People can still contact you in urgent situations. Leave your accommodation’s contact number or email address for emergencies. Understand that nothing is more important in those moments than being out in nature.

7. Embrace the Benefits of Nature

The tranquility and beauty of the mountains offer a perfect backdrop for a digital detox. While it might be challenging for those with demanding jobs to be completely uncontactable, it’s possible to take short breaks without your phone. Batch your social media and email checks or avoid social media altogether during the trip. This approach helps you soak in as much of the natural environment as possible.

Returning to Reality

The first day back to work might be tough as you catch up on emails and notifications. However, the mental clarity and rejuvenation you gain from disconnecting will be worth it. Your productivity and focus will likely improve, making up for the time you spent offline.

A snow trip can be the perfect opportunity for a digital detox, allowing you to reconnect with nature and yourself. By following these tips, you can set boundaries, enjoy your holiday, and return to your routine refreshed and recharged. Embrace the challenge, switch off your devices, and let the tonic of the snowy mountains work its magic on your mind and soul.