Carve Goggles are the best under $100 goggle out there

snow action team 03.06.2016

Under $100 goggles? You don’t expect much right? Wrong! Carve goggles are all about form, function, fashion and affordability. SnowAction road tested them in J-land this February, traveling through awesome resorts like Myoko and Naeba, and unknown ones for our market like Yuzawa in Niigata Prefecture. Check the full story on that in the new Travel Bible V issue out at the end of the month.
Those areas provided the full mix of conditions, and for sub-$A100 goggles the Carve Platinums were amazingly good. On blue bird days, misty mornings, and when it was coming down in typical Japow fashion, they delivered the goods. The cool rasta colouring works too.
They feature a virtually frameless set up, with UV protection, triple layer foam and venting that worked like a charm. They wrap around your helmet without an issue and their large frame provide great peripheral vision. Sun, snow, glare and shadows are no issue for the all purpose iridium lens.
Great looks and super sharp pricing make these an awesome addition for your 2016 kit, or a sweet gift for your nearest and dearest. You could buy 2 day passes or more with what you save, or a ski holiday compared to the ridiculous pricing of some top end goggles – who buys $800 plus goggles anyway?
You don’t have to worry about that with Carve goggles. Several styles & colours available, starting from an amazing A$49.99 for adults or $39.99 for kids.
No need to wait for that though, they are widely available at lots of good ski and snowboard stores, and Anaconda snow gear stores – yes, the #1 Big Box store for active lifestyle do winter gear too, with top brands at great rates.
More info: www.carve.com.au