Venture Heat Avert glove liners defeat the cold


Venture Heat Avert glove liners are the must have accessory this time of year downunder. Yep, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been getting bloody cold! South eastern Australia has been hit with -10° overnight temperatures and a bracing southerly airflow, our local version of the Siberian Express.

Venture Heat glove liners pack - what you get
Get this pack delivered soon and kiss cold hands goodbye

You can grin (through chattering teeth) and beat it. Or you can look for solutions, like heating the hands with handy Venture Heat Avert inner gloves, or glove liners.

Featuring carbon fibre elements running around the fingers and extremities, not copper wires that get worn by clenching of the hands in them, the Averts can be charged up and slipped inside a glove or mitt – for Aussie conditions teaming them with a looser fitting spring style glove would give you an all season/all conditions combo for example.

Venture Heat glove liners view of battery pocket
The battery pack just slips inside the zip pocket

With touch-screen sensitive finger tips they are also handy to wear stopping to use or adjust your devices in the cold too.

Temperature control is simple via the button on the top of the gloves with 3 colour coded heat modes – on low (green) you get 5 hours heat, medium (yellow) 3.5 hours & high (red) 2 hours. If it’s really cold fire them up high for a bit then drop it back to low will work for most conditions and remember to pop it off when stopping for lunch and you’ll easily get in a full day skiing or riding in them.

Handy for a lot of outdoor activities too.

Venture Heat Avert glove liners are $AUD 209.

If you prefer mittens, Venture Heat’s OHM battery heated mittens are $AUD 239.

The company make motorbike specific heat gloves as well.

For skiers and boarders in OZ or NZ, orders over $100 ship free to Australia, over $150 ship free to New Zealand too.

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