X-Games Slopestyle course preview

snow action team 23.01.2013

The course is a amazing – Things kick off typical X-games style with a street rail with two options; box or rail. Then things turn up on a bunch of features that will prompt creativity, I am really excited to see how people use this! It is a choice of an up rail, an up box, a rainbow rail or a step up rail pad. Then straight after that you are given the choice between three down rails, two with bonk options at the beginning. (one on the far right looks like a gap to down rail… fun!)

Then we move into a Flat Down Flat Down box (you have to disaster the kink really) or a cannon gap to down rail.. Interesting feature!
Then we start into the real business section with the first jump offering a cannon box option or to hit the jump!
The next jump look awesome, a little bigger than the previous. Expect to see russ doubling off this easy as after his performance on the 35ft Wold Cup jumps!
The next jump takes another step up in size and makes me so excited! The jumps sizes combined with the technicality and numerous options in the rail section make this course the most exciting I have ever seen!
Then the money booted is everything you expect from something with such an infamous name! Anyone thinking triple off this? I wouldn’t rule it out of the question! Stakes are high! Catch the Men’s Slopestyle ski eliminations 9am EST Saturday on ESPN -Jodan Cook
Check Alex Schlopy’s preview run here

X games preview