Winning Is Easy On A Kessler Cross

snow action team 05.08.2021

Australia’s longest ski and board race, the mighty Top to Bottom at Thredbo, is perfect for the new Kessler The Cross says our snowboard tester Peter Wunder.

Pete knows what he’s talking about on that front. His impressive record there includes three wins, a second, a third, four fourths, and one helicopter ride to hospital. Ouch.

“My knees are not up to any more Top-to-Bottoms” he says with a smile, but he’s been charging hard on it enjoying the great uncrowded conditions at Thredbo to file this report on the ultimate speed machine.

Pete carving up the windblown at Thredbo on Kessler’s The Cross © snowaction.com.au

Now that the snow is up and running and we’re enjoying some great conditions, I’ve been able to really give the Kessler Cross a good run.

Especially with no crowds getting in the way thanks to lockdowns – we have been lapping top to bottom with no wait time on many mornings.

I’m still blown away by how this kessler board turns and the speed off it is insane.

Carving on the Kessler Cross at The Basin, Thredbo
Clean line in the Basin at Thredbo © snowaction.com.au

I can’t get enough of toasting everyone in a straight line and the board gets a lot of attention when its cranking hard turns.

Kessler is the go to snowboard of many Olympic and World Cup snowboarders, including Aussie SBX silver medallist Jarryd Hughes, for very good reason.

It will definitely give you a huge advantage in your local races, like Thredbo’s Top to Bottom.

This race is usually around 3 minutes long and I dare say this board could save you a good 10 seconds, which could be the difference between placing 1st as opposed to 6th.

Serious edge time © snowaction.com.au

Yes these boards cost three times more than a normal board, but if you want the edge over your friends or the competition, you can’t beat the Kessler. If you’re winning races you’re probably winning money which can pay for the board very quickly.

Not only does it have superior speed in a straight line, it just pulls away round corners with its edge control and grip. You don’t get the shake, rattle or twitching of inferior boards, it just bites hard, loads up the board and shoots you out faster than when you went in.

View of the Kessler Cross snowboard
Happy tester with the Kessler The Cross © snowaction.com.au

Kessler are imported to Australia by First Tracks at Nuggets Crossing, Jindabyne $AUD 1799.99.

Check the whole gorgeous Kessler collection on their site here.

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