Warren Miller is back, winter can't be far behind!

snow action team 09.04.2019

Warren Miller is back with Face of Winter, an even surer sign than the first snow falls that winter is almost here.

Shooting Warren Miller's Face of Winter with Mt Cook Heliski New Zealand 2018

You can do this too: Warren Miller filming with Mt Cook Heliski in NZ © Court Leve / WME

If winter puts a smile on your face, it’s something you had in common with the late, great Warren Miller. The warm, witty, mildly eccentric godfather of the ski road movie was the man who got us started on this long, crazy ride.

This autumn, don’t miss as Macpac presents Warren Miller’s Face of Winter, the 69th instalment from Warren Miller Entertainment.
Visit some of Warren’s favorite locations, from Engleberg Switzerland to Chamonix, British Columbia – including some crazy heli scenes with Mike Wiegeles – to Alaska with Points North Heli (another one we have been telling you was pretty freakin awesome), Chile (at aweseome Portillo, his Southern Hemisphere all time favourite),  Iceland, New Zealand (with our mates at spectacular Mt Cook Heliski), Washington and more.

Rob Kingwill tries to hitch a ride at Mike Wiegele Heliskiing

Rob Kingwill tries to hitch a ride at Mike Wiegele Heliskiing © Chad Chomlack / WME

The talent includes Australia’s pocket-size rocket, freeski legend-in-her-own-ski-time Anna Segal, plus a whole bunch of other world-class skiers like Jessie Diggins, Dash Longe, Forrest Jillson, Amie Engerbretson, Seth Wescott, Jim Ryan, Marcus Caston and others.

Engelberg high peaks with Warren Miller

We’ve been telling you Engelberg is truly spectacular! © Oskar Enander / WME

Getting together with your ski and board mates for the annual Miller movie is a pre-season ritual for many, and this year’s extended tour downunder hits 28 venues in Australia and 24 in New Zealand – see full dates/venues below.
OK, most of us know we won’t actually ever ski even close to the level of the athletes on show as they carve down the faces of remote mountain ranges in pursuit of a life lived in high places.
But we all get the same big buzz from our own humbler efforts, and Miller is the master of showing us more places to do that.

Anna Segal slush busting in Iceland

Anna Segal slush busting in Iceland © Colin Witherill / WME

At Snow Action we have long been partners with the Miller Movie Tour downunder because there really is nothing else that comes close. Sure, technology allows anyone to make their own snow movies these days. But exotic locations and talented riders are just part of the equation – they work fine for a clip or several, but to hold your attention for a full length feature a ski movie has to have more.

Face of Winter does that, in spades, in typical Miller fashion.

Check warrenmiller.com.au for dates, venues and tickets in Oz and

warrenmillerfilms.co.nz in Nz

Check the full Warren Miller Face of Winter tour dates/venues and session times for Australia and New Zealand here.

Warren Miller Face of Winter screening dates and venues 2019