Thredbo adds the missing link to snowmaking system

snow action team 16.04.2013

Ian Foster at the The Lantern Apartments in Thredbo passed on the following update – which should make June top to Bottom better with the missing link in the snowmaking system added for this year. As our pictures of Sam Tomasi and boarder Peter Wunder taken early last July show, early season can rock without being too rocky!

Winter is only 2 months away and the dust is flying at Friday Flat in Thredbo as the re-alignment of the bottom of the High Noon Supertrail is pushed through. The project is designed to widen Friday Flat beginners area and give the more advanced skiers and boarders a direct run into the bottom of Thredbo’s  Gunbarrel chairlift. The other work that has been completed for winter 2013 is the extension of the Snow Making system to cover the Eagles’ Way run from the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift.   The is the last piece in the snow making matrix for Thredbo’s main trails giving top to bottom  cover on both the Gunbarrel Chairlift and the Kosciuszko Express.   If you have  skied Thredbo in early June you will know that the Eagles’ Way section can often be the last to fill in.  This snow making extension should mean an earlier start to real top to bottom skiing on the Kosci Express and a better base on the trails once the natural snow falls start.