Support Beyond Blue With Steve Leeder

snow action team 18.03.2021

Steve Leeder is one of the best contributors we have ever had at Snow Action – the original has no fear, all action multi sport innovative multi tasker. Whether it’s doing it for the cameras or putting in the hard yards for a serious product test, on skis – (teles usually), or a MTB, or the latest on a Foil board on Lake Jindabyne, he always delivers.

Steve doing one of the easier tests; he’s shaving it all off Saturday night for Beyond Blue © Steve Leeder

Today he has another story beyond all that that is more important than any of those. A little chance for followers and anyone who can relate to it to put some funds into mental health support with the great team at Beyond Blue.

“About 15 years ago I was coward punched and sustained significant brain damage as a result, this means I find it hard to process information and quickly get over stimulated and overwhelmed. Most days are fine – in fact I have a rad life filled with rad people – but sometimes I’m knocked off my orbit and have trouble processing the complexity of emotions that rise up in me.

When I want to achieve my best performance on my bike or my skis as an athlete I identify the areas that need additional attention or extra support so I can continue to be the best version on me I can

Mental Health is no difference. Where do I need to place my attention and get extra support so I can continue to be the best version I can?

This is when I reach out to @beyondblueofficial as I can’t do this on my own.

For quite a while I have wanted to use my reach on social media to bring more awareness to and show support for everyone that has helped me, talked to me or said they are in the same boat as me.

I want to show people its not something to keep under wraps. You can talk to people about how you are feeling and not be ashamed. What you are feeling is not a weakness. It’s OK.

This weekend I am going to shave off my locks and I ask for your help. Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health research and supporting those in need, so please click the link and donate the money from your next cup of coffee or your next slab of beer to this cause.

I will go live on my stories Saturday night when I shave it off but keep the fundraiser going until next friday when I have my next visit at the Brain Injury clinic.

Thank you so much for supporting this cause and to all of you that have listened to me blab on when needed to and always know my ear is here if anyone needs a chat.”

Get onto to Steve’s great fundraiser here


100% of donations go to Beyond Blue

Steve at Twin Humps © Owain Price