Ski of the Day: Black Diamond Zealot

snow action team 04.05.2013


Two Black Diamond skis in 2 days – is this favouritism? Not really, just posting the June deal for Portillo got me thinking now that would be about the ideal location to put these pow beasties to good use – titanium stiffened yet light the Black Diamond Zealots are a full on charging directional big mountain ski that just love to be pointed straight and cranked. They performed hugely doing just that on a recent 2 week trip round Hokkaido, including some amazing backcountry spots we will be revealing in the Travel Bible issue. About the only place they weren’t so great was in tight trees, I found spinning the 192s a bit of an effort there (but I am getting into grizzled old timer territory), and since Portillo hasn’t got a tree in sight plus with the different aspects and altitude just a hop over from Mt Aconcagua it can provide plenty of variables in any run so the Zealot’s ability to smash through crust, hold on ice and float in pow, transitioning easily between whatever you find underfoot makes them a perfect choice. Plus they are easy to skin on, we did some serious hiking in Hokkaido and with a couple more dust ups locally will be getting them out on Australia’s own Main Range soon (early May as I write this) – Owain Price

length 182, 192 profile 135-110-123  radius 27m @ 182

shot courtesy Dan Power @ shotniseko.com