SIA ski and board tests FREE at Hotham and Perisher

snow action team 06.07.2019

SIA ski and board test time is the perfect opportunity to test new skis or boards you might be thinking of buying. After all, the only test that counts is the one you do yourself, because no one skis or rides like you. And (minor detail!) it’s your money.

The SIA ski and board tests feature a great range of top brands
So many awesome brands to test at the SIA tests! © SIA

Older readers might recall Australia’s greatest ‘Test Fail’, back in 1974 when Wheels magazine gave the Leyland P-76 their Car of the Year award. Ooopsie, it was actually the greatest lemon ever sold here, and not surprisingly Leyland went broke and dissapeared not long after. Wouldn’t want to have bought one based on that test recommendation ..

Hopefully the same fate won’t be suffered by any of the ski and snowboard brands you can test at the SIA tests! The choice is huge, there are so many great brands big and small, known and less known, to try.

You just need to be an Epic Australia Pass or Epic Pass holder to register and test for free.

Tests run next weekend 14 & 15 July at Hotham, then 21 & 22 July at Perisher.

Register to participate at your preferred venue on the links below:



What will you ride next? © SIA