Perisher Falls Hotham early season pass bookings start June 15

snow action team 14.06.2020

Vail resorts have announced a staggered pre-booking policy for their 3 Australian resorts for the early season ONLY from 24 June – 19 July. For non-season pass holders this starts Monday June 15 for Hotham and Falls, then Tuesday for Perisher.

Non-season pass holders will need to purchase a minimum 3+ day consecutive ticket.

This was the park at Perisher day 1 last year – for early season this year get on Tuesday to pre book © Owain Price

Note season pass holders (Epic Australia Pass, Epic Pass etc) will be able to access a pool of tickets reserved for them for the same period, with pre-reservations available from 23 June. So no need to do anything tomorrow!

These lift ticket sales will not impact the ability of pass holders to make reservations for the same early season time period. While reservations will be limited, and are not guaranteed, season pass holders will have access to a separate reservations pool in an effort to provide priority early season access.

If the amount of open terrain allows for unrestricted access before 12 July then the need for pre-reservation by season pass holders will be lifted for them; at this stage the restriciton is anticipated to be lifted on 12 July for them.

Vail Resorts want to ensure the smoothest possible experience when our guests purchase lift tickets, lessons and rentals for the upcoming 2020 season.

As products will only be available for advance purchase, they are mindful of the significant load this may create for our IT systems.

So they have made the decision to sell lift tickets, lessons and rentals in stages to improve the purchase experience (and hopefully avoid last week’s debacle at Thredbo).

There is no need to panic!

For those planning to ski in the early season and School Holiday period who don’t ski enough to buy an Epic Australia Pass then get on and pre-book your planned dates for your preferred resort as follows:

Monday 15 June

8:30am: Hotham 3+ Day Consecutive Lift Tickets, Lessons and Rentals for 24 June to 19 July

1:30pm: Falls Creek 3+ Day Consecutive Lift Tickets, Lessons and Rentals for 24 June to 19 July.

Tuesday 16 June

8:30am: Perisher 3+ Day Consecutive Lift Tickets, Lessons and Rentals for 24 June to 19 July.

By 17 June they willl provide further information on the next stages of sales for Lift Tickets, Lessons and Rentals.

See the three resort landing pages with this info, live now: 

For Hotham and Falls get on and pre book Monday if you need too for early season © Vail Resorts