Oakley Unity Collection Debuts Snow Rose Gold Lens

snow action team 03.03.2022

Oakley’s 2022 Unity Collection of cold-weather gear suited for a wide range of demanding on-and off-mountain conditions features three popular snow goggle styles – Line Miner, Flight Deck and Flight Path – four sport performance and lifestyle eyewear styles (HSTN, Jawbreaker, Radar, EV Path, Radarlock and Encoder) as well as two cool helmets, ARC5 Pro and the MOD1 Pro – all in bright new colours.

The goggles feature a new Prizm ™ lens tint available for the first time in goggles – Prizm ™ Snow Rose Gold. Oakley’s proprietary Prizm Lens Technology is engineered to enhance colour and contrast and just kicks ass on the hill as we have mentioned. Watch the new colour go off downunder this winter is our prediction.

Prizm Snow lenses are tinted to help improve contrast and enhance clarity on the mountain in a variety of light conditions. We have found them to be simply outstanding in on snow tests for several years – like on the Fall Line XL

Oakley Flight Deck goggle featuring the new Snow Rose Gold Prizm lens
Flight Deck goggle featuring the new Snow Rose Gold Prizm lens © Oakley

Debuting ahead of the Winter Olympics the goggles feature a special woven strap design that “represents the community of athletes who come together on the world’s biggest competitive stage, while each colour of thread resembles every athlete’s journey to the top” according to Oakley.

You certainly don’t have to be an elite athlete to appreciate the difference the Prizm Lens Tech makes – we have been fans since road testing their previous Olympic model during the 2018 games on an extended Japow mission.

The limited edition Unity Collection Snow Rose Gold versions are available for $AUD 297

Oakley’s Unity Collection helmets offer a bright future for riders looking to carve their own path while staying safe. Packed with safety features and a striking galaxy paint finish – the galaxy pigment reflects vibrantly in the sun – as shown on the MOD1 model below which our testers loved.

The limited edition Galaxy MOD1 is $199.95 check them out & order at Oakley online

Oakley MOD1 Pro helmet with galaxy pigment
MOD1 Pro helmet with galaxy pigment