NSW Health COVID-19 Test Surge At Snowfields

snow action team 24.06.2021

NSW Health have announced a surge in COVID test availability for the NSW snowfields over the next 7 days.

As the outbreak spreads in and around Sydney there is obviously plenty of potential for infected people to have travelled to the snowfields – including from the most affected areas before yesterday’s travel bans came into force.

Ready for anything at Thredbo © Peter Wunder

Here is the detail from them:

Please note NSW Health is surging our COVID-19 testing capacity in the snowfields for the next 7 days.

From Thursday morning 24th through to and including Wednesday the 30th , testing will be available every day at:

Jindabyne: 0900 to 1500

5 Thredbo Terrace, HealthOne facility car park 

Perisher: 0930 to 1230

Based in the National Parks Shelter (as per last year). Arrangements may be made to swab at the patients location.

Thredbo: Afternoons

At this stage swabbing will be by appointment at the patients location.

People are advised to ring the COVID Triage line and book an appointment on : 1800 318 248

Get tested at Thredbo also © Thredbo Resort