New SP Connect Bike Bundle road test and review

snow action team 12.01.2021

The new SP Connect™ Bike Bundle is the latest from the innovative company behind a whole series of great smartphone mounts and accessories for a huge range of activities and daily life use.

Our tester Steve Leeder has been bush trail and bike park bashing up and down the Central Coast to give the new set up a serious road test. He gives it the big thumbs up.

The SP connect Bike Bundle mount system lets you easily follow the trail
Know where you go .. © Steve Leeder

When the idea to try out a phone mount for my bike came across the desk I wasn’t too thrilled, but getting new gear is cool so I said sure lets give it a try.

Phone cases that really protect your phone are usually super bulky and heavy, but not this one.

The case doesn’t claim to be bombproof but if you combine it with the weather cover you have a cover that protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud, and extra shock resistance for your phone as well.

When you get off your bike or back from the bush you can take the cover off or have a sleek cover that you don’t even notice. The touch screen is still functional with the weather cover, but you do need to press harder than with a normal screen cover – especially if you are wearing riding gloves like me.

The clamp mount is really easy to use and adjust to have a perfect position for your phone on your handlebars. It fits bars 23-43mm in diameter. Just make sure that you tighten all the adjustment screws with the allen key provided or your multi tool.

The Bundle comes with stem and clamp mounts, both of which are also GoPro compatible for your latest GoPro. 

Clipping your phone on and off of the mount takes roughly four seconds. Place onto the mount and turn 90 degrees. I am nervous about long term use if this will wear from putting it on and off a lot of times, but so far so good – zero movement.

Riding to the trail I had my Google Maps running telling me exactly how to get to this new bike park, just like in my car.

Rock hopping testing the SP Connect Bike Bundle iphone mount system
Rock hopping – the SP goes anywhere © Steve Leeder

Once I got on the trail I was really impressed how stable my phone was on my bars.

I was riding at a new bike park and having the phone mounted right at my handlebars was actually really handy. I had Trail Forks running on my phone the whole time. I would have been digging my phone out of my pocket at every trail junction to find out where to go next without the SP Connect mount.

If you were using this on your city cruiser you could be changing music on Spotify or even replying to messages or posting to Instagram. I don’t suggest this and definitely was not doing this myself.

Overall I was really impressed with the case and the SP mount.

It was really easy to mount on my bike, and the case was almost like it wasn’t there at all. 

I really liked having my phone mounted right on my bars for getting around new trail networks.

SP Connect iPhone case and bike mount pricing


or purchased separately $44.95 PHONE CASE, $29.95 WEATHER COVER, $29.95 CLAMP MOUNT

More/buy on their website – you ger FREE shipping on orders over $AUD 75 in Australia.

Flip mounted © Steve Leeder

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