Granite Design Stash Multi Tool Road Test

snow action team 13.11.2020

Granite Design Stash Tools are the simple solution for having all you need out on the trails stashed away in your inside your steerer column. Our back country snow test guru Steve Leeder is maybe even more active on MTBs the rest of the year then he is on skis in winter, so if he rates it you know it’s good ..

The Stash Tool easily slides in or out © Steve Leeder

I go back and forth with how I carry my gear.  I mean I love never wearing a pack, so I was strapping everything I could to my frame. But usually it looks pretty crap.

Then I started to wear a lumbar bag from OSPREY and that could carry everything in it perfect, plus a truckload of water.

But then I bounce back to just not wanting to carry stuff so what do I do?

I ‘Stash’ it!

Wait, what? No, I don’t leave a pack at the bottom of the trail and come back to it when I break down.

A while back I was sent a few tools from Granite Design that they call Stash Tools. 

Just like the original tool from One Up, their first tool stashes into the steerer of your bike, but you don’t have to thread your steerer or buy a OneUp stem which ultimately costs a ton more!

The other tools are for the ends of your handlebars, another spot that’s hollow and just waiting to be plugged ,but we’ll get to those latter.

Installing the tool is super easy. The hardest part was breaking out the star nut. Once the tool is in, there is a little O-ring that keeps weather out and the tool in its spot. It doesn’t rattle, shake or move in ANY terrain.

Granite Design Secret Stash multi-tool
Granite Design Secret Stash multi-tool © Steve Leeder

The Granite Design Stash Tool comes with a 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm Allen keys, a T25 Torx and a flathead screwdriver. There is also a built-in spoke key and valve removal tool just in case.

There has been a few times I have been bummed there isn’t a Phillip’s head but it wasn’t for anything on my bike.

Over all I have been really stoked.  I haven’t had to use it a bunch on the trail, which is a good thing, but it has a tool for pretty much all the bolts on your bike and I have tried out every tool some how. 

The spoke tool was a bit thin, but that’s cause it has to fit into the whole package so it was kinda digging into my hand when tightening the spoke. Live in the solution and wear your gloves when tightening your spokes. It’s just for trail mechanicals and getting you riding again.

For the price of the tool – USD 60 – I think it’s totally a winner, light, compact and really easy to use.

Check more /grab on on the link here

Granite Design Stast Tool inserted in steering column top view
Now you see me, now you don’t © Steve Leeder