Mobile Bike Service Van a Great Idea. Ski one anyone?

snow action team 09.03.2021

Mobile bike service van? Now that’s a cool idea. In fact got us wondering how about someone starts up a ski and snowboard one? Steve Leeder needed a service urgently ahead of his last Thredbo MTB mission and discovered Cisco from Bikes n Shocks.

Cisco from Biksnshocks at work in his bike service van
Bike dramas? Call the ‘Cisco Kid’ © BIKESNSHOCKS

So mountain biking is the new IT sport.

Since COVID everyone now has a rad bike and is out on the trails riding. Awesome right? Well yeah, but there are also that many more people breaking things and so many more people needing to get things serviced and there aren’t any more bike shops. So what do we do?

Last week I called around to all the shops in my area, 5 or 6 of them, and they were all booked out for at least a month.


Well lets just keep riding shall we, that seems like a great idea. Actually, turns out it was the best thing ever, ’cause when I pulled up from a shuttle lap I saw a van set up with a full service bay in the back and a bunch of stuff hanging off the doors for sale.

I skipped the next lift and went and had a chat with Cisco from BIKES N SHOCKS about how soon I could get EVERYTHING on my bike serviced. To add some pressure I said I was going to Thredbo the next weekend.

He sort of looked at me and laughed, then said “Well yeah nah I’m sure I can sort it out. Go and ride the rest of the day and drop it back into me on your last lap and I’ll take it with me.”

So what can he do in his little bike service van?

Everything that most bike shops say they can do, but send half the parts away for the actual work. Cisco can fully rebuild your forks, shocks and dropper post. He can tear apart and put back together your hubs, frame and everything else on your bike. My service included replacing all my cables, break pads, and chain, a fork service, hub service, replace cable for my seat post and checked all my pivot points. Yeah I told you it needed EVERYTHING. I was so stoked at just how much he was able to get done for me in such a short time.

I got a few messages throughout the week to keep me up to date and then we made arrangements to meet on my way through Sydney (from the Central Coast) on the way down to Thredbo so I could throw the bike on the rack and keep on driving. 

I couldn’t wait to get to Thredbo, I had to stop off at the Gladstone trails outside Cooma for a lap or two. I actually felt like a new rider. Everything just purred. I sort of felt like I had a new bike under me, but I didn’t have to get used to it. I just sat there and loved the ride..

Thank you Cisco! If you are in the Sydney area hit these guys up for your next service highly recommended – contacts on the link here.

Steve feeling like he’s got a new bike at Thredbo © Steve Leeder