Lead the Way with Skimapit Trail Map Balaclavas

snow action team 26.05.2021

Is this the must-have accessory at Thredbo and Falls this winter? Well, you won’t get lost wearing one of Aussie snow-start up Skimapit’s cool trail map balaclavas or neck warmers that’s for sure.

Nor will anyone else who checks your head out ..

Skimapit Thredbo trail map print balaclava
Love Thredbo? Show it! © skimapit.com

We love indie Aussie brands and entrepreneurs having a crack at making an idea/dream into a business, so we are happy to showcase their work.

A couple of Perth based boarders, Dylan Tindale and Quentin Shircore, launched a range of cool looking and functional full face balaclavas and neck warmers. Being from the west they initially targeted Japan as much as anywhere, with Happo, Niseko and Rusutsu offerings last year. Then bugger, COVID hits and no one can go there.

Setbacks are to be expected in any startup, and undeterred the boys have fired up with some more local offerings including Thredbo and Falls Creek, plus for trans-Tasman bubble travellers Coronet Peak and The Remarkables.

The balaclavas and neck warmers are 95% polyester, 5% spandex, comfortable and snug fitting.

Free Australia wide delivery is included with all orders.

Falls goggle wipe © skimapit.com

Anytime COVID-19 mask up rules are back in force this season the neck warmer will be handy for that.

The pouches are 100% polyester, a versatile item to pop anything in – goggles, sunglasses, GoPros, whatever. 

The goggle wipes are 80% polyester, 20% chinlon, with a nice soft feel and very fit for purpose.

Ski Trail Map balaclavas or face masks are (All $AUD) $32, pouches $19 and goggle/lems wipes $18.

Thredbo goggle wipe © skimapit.com

Get on and support an Aussie start up, and give the gift of snow travel this Xmas .. even if we can’t for a bit longer !

Save 15% on Ski Trail Map Balaclavas, Neck Warmers, Pouches and Goggle/lens wipes!

Receive 15% off store wide with the code ASC15. Free shipping with no min spend. Offer ends May 31st

Know where you go .. and let others know too © skimapit.com

They have teamed up with a bunch of other start-up snow brands (who we will also be featuring individually with their stories shortly) for a big giveaway on insta too – get on that on the link here before the end of May.

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