Hot Snow Start Ups? Hello Jalapeño Board Company!

snow action team 29.05.2021

Next in our series on Aussie indie snow start ups say hello, Jalapeño Board Company!

Gold Coast boarder Jarred Diehm decided the office life wasn’t for him last year. A typical Goldie lover of board sports, Jarred has been snowboarding since he was 15. Again quite typical for a local snow lovers he rates Niseko his favourite place to board.

At 26 he decided the office life is not for him, started his own brand from scratch in 2020.

We asked him how he got into it and what Jalapeño has to offer..

Spice your wardrobe up with a Jalapeño long sleeve tee © Jalapeño Board Company

Jalapeño Board Company is an idea born, raised, and thus far operated out of my bedroom/office.

The idea came to me last year (2020) when I was 5 weeks into an 8 week unpaid internship with a financial services firm and I thought, “This is not what i want to do. I need to figure out a way I can build something that allows me to get paid while surrounding myself with something I genuinely have a passion for”.

So I literally opened up photoshop and started making designs for shirts/hoodies and company logos.

I explored the different ways to start an ecommerce business (dropshipping, Alibaba etc.), picked one and just went with it. Previously I had looked into the production of boards and the process (and costs) of making boards in Australia, and was scared off by how expensive it really is.

Jalapeño Board Company Hoodie and Beanie
Beanies & Hoodies are on the website already © Japaeño Board Company

So the goal for me is to build towards that by creating a brand that has loyal supporters and work my way up towards that.

It may be a fair way down the track, but hey, that’s all part of the ride and I can’t wait to experience it!

As a company, we launched 2 months ago and I am loving the support I have gotten from people I have never met in my life, a particular few in New Zealand are my most loyal customers!

The support from other small ski brands within australia is also amazing, like true ski bums, all they do is hype you up and get around everything you have to offer, it really is awesome to see!

Currently we offer some key staple items for mountain goers, such as beanies and a long sleeve tee, but our best seller is the Jalapeño Tee in a beautiful forest green.

With winter just about here, we have hoodies and neck tubes being made as we speak, with an expected launch date of early June. As mentioned earlier, in the future we wish to expand our range to outerwear and manufacture boards / bindings right here in Australia!

Looks good to us © Jalapeño Board Company

Jalapaño have teamed up with a bunch of other indie snow start ups like Snowmapit to promote themselves with some great prizes and deals on their socials – check and follow their insta here for more on that.

Get on and check the Jalapeño gear out here

Today the sticker, mañana a line of boards – good luck crew! © Japapeño Board Company

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