Japan Opens Up October 11 PM Says, No Details Yet

Everyone is getting excited after Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio told reporters while attending the UN General Assembly that Japan will further ease border controls aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

The PM said Japan will end the current limit on the number of people entering Japan and lift the ban on individual travel and allow visa-free visits from October 11. Presumably Australia will be included on the visa-free list as previously. But the specific details have not been announced.

Tourist arrivals doubled last month to 170,000, but that is way less then pre-covid August 2019’s 2.52 million arrivals. Those numbers give an indication of the massive economic losses being suffered as a result of the current restrictions – so the pressure is on the government to rectify that situation.

With flights scarcer and more expensive, that minor detail will not hold most people back from looking for flights ASAP if they want to go. We had a quick look this morning and Jetstar with a 20kg checked bag from Sydney to Narita will set you back $1700 or so return.

As we reported yesterday, the Aussie dollar is the best it has been for a decade against the yen, and for greenback earners/holders it’s even better.

If you want to avoid the crowds when you do get back to J-land check out wilder Hokkaido options here

Time to take off to Hokkaido? © courtesy Hokkaido Transportation Bureau