Cheap Japow: Aussie Dollar Yen Hits 10 Year Highs!

The Aussie dollar has been hitting 10 year highs against the Japanese yen recently, closing in on the magic 100 yen per dollar mark. Those levels have not been seen since 2013.

That means your long overdue Japow fix will be cheaper, at least on the ground – airfares are another story.

10 year AUD-JPY chart from, a great place to buy/send FX

As the yen continues to slide – Japanese interest rates remain very low and the economy in a rut – Japow lovers are hanging out for the much anticipated announcement of an easing/removal of controls on travel, which have been foreshadowed as likely to happen in October but not confirmed in detail – Japanese PM Kishida told reporters at the UN they will end the limit on the number of people entering Japan.

It will also lift the ban on individual travel and allow visa-free visits from October 11.

For Aussies, and most others, these are the key requirements – removal of the visa requirement back to direct tourist access and the freedom to book and travel independently. The current changes requiring all your accommodation and airfares to be booked with a registered Japanese tour operator are just too onerous.

Many have already opted for North America or Europe instead – given the ubiquity of the Epic Australia Pass downunder most of us don’t need a lot of pushing to go to Whistler and/or the Epic American offerings.

But the Aussie is below 70c against the greenback, so it will cost you more.

Having the Aussie worth around 100 yen makes working out prices a lot easier = $10 is Y1,000 and so on. is our favourite place to check currency rates – their charts offer fast and easy options to view any currency pairs history.