WIN the amazing new RESQSKI ski finder - must have for Japan!

snow action team 11.12.2012

How many times have you lost a ski and it has ruined your day?
In Japan it pretty much goes with the territory sometimes, and sure, powder cords and all that can help but still a ski can shoot off way away from where you even think you lost it as you faceplanted.
Now, thanks to a smart English skier, Chris Chadwick, the solution is here: RESQSKI
A simple to operate, flexible device – you can get extra ski clips and transfer it between different skis too – it works using RF (radio frequency) technology. A credit card–sized handheld transceiver communicates with specially developed homing tags that lead you to the lost ski using flashing lights and sonic beeps. The lights move from red to green and the beeps get ever louder and more frequent as you get closer to the ski.
It finds buried skis from 30m and up to 1m deep. RESQSKI’s ski homing tags are waterproof and shockproof. Removable tags have a neat switch that means batteries hardly ever have to be replaced.
Easy to fit straight from box.

NOW we are giving you the chance to WIN a RESQSKI pack, worth £98.00 !

It’s easy to enter, just get on and ‘Snow Score’ your favourite powder resorts on our new resort rating page and in the comment section of the last section add RESQSKI YES PLEASE! to your resort comment; you can enter several times by rating more resorts. The best comments will be posted/printed so it’s over to you powder punters ..
Don’t wait to win, you give yourself a well deserved Xmas present at www.resqski.com