It's not over for 2020 till the last line melts

snow action team 14.10.2020

Let’s keep skiing and riding crew, cause it’s not over downunder for 2020 till the last line melts!

And while it has been melting faster than we would like, there are still plenty of fun lines to be had on the Main Range.

Our BC guru Steve Leeder was out there Monday and Tuesday to file this report.

The Sentinel, Monday 12/10/20 © Steve Leeder

“So much is still skiable both on Club and Blue Lakes” he reports.

“The Crags have some nice mellow lines too. Mt Lee is totally covered, would be a really long run all the way to the creek.”

“Still some of the funnest skiing of the year to be had in the Main Range these days, even after all the rain and weather from the last week.”

Flipping over blue Lake chutes 13/10/2020
Flipping over Blue Lake with a mate called MAX 360 © Steve Leeder

“The stepping stones crossing of the Snowy River is above water in the morning, and only a little below in the late arvo on a hot day. The approach to the snow is a bit longer for sure, but with a manicured walking path all the way out its very easy.”

“Plus with easily 12 hours of skiable daylight even a day trip means that you can ski so much terrain.”

Steve is still gear testing out there too – for example you won’t get better skins for these conditions than Contour; find out why on the link.