High flying to Hotham with Airly hipster heaven!

snow action team 17.06.2020

Got more money than time? Time is money? And love to ski Hotham?

And sufficient net worth criteria to become a member?

Then flying to Hotham with Airly is for you.

With Mt Hotham tickets going on sale this week, Australia’s fastest growing aviation company, Airly, has announced plans to resume offering members access to shared private flights to Australia’s highest Alpine village to coincide with the start of the ski season.

Airly private share jet interior view for flying to Hotham the luxury fast way
Forget the Audi or Rangy .. just fly up to Hotham in style © Airly.com

Airly operated Hotham flights last year. You have to register as a member to book a seat on a shared flight. Airly doesn’t have any ongoing fees for membership. Just a small service fee payable on bookings. To become a member you also need specific net worth criteria. Melbourne to Mt Hotham is $995 a seat saving the drive. Sydney to Mt Hotham is $1,395 a seat. 

With travel restrictions pushing interest in skiing holidays to an all-time time, Airly offers an ‘on demand’ service for luxury private jets to key destinations via an app with pricing comparable to a commercial business class ticket.

Members can opt into an existing Mt Hotham flight or initiate a new one leaving from either Sydney or Melbourne. Arrival time is only 15 minutes prior to departure which makes flying private to Mt Hotham convenient and affordable.

For those wanting to fly north for Winter, Airly has also resumed offering members access to shared private flights to Byron Bay. Currently the most popular route is Sydney / Melbourne with new flights being initiated daily.

“With the commercial airlines still only planning to be at 40 per cent pre-pandemic capacity by the end of July, and only 46 Sydney to Melbourne flights a week for the foreseeable future, interest in Airly has grown significantly since COVID-19,” explains Luke Hampshire, Airly’s Co-founder.

“App-usage is up by 80% and membership has more than doubled since Airly’s popular Sydney / Melbourne flights resumed in May. Airly creates the opportunity to travel in style for very little additional cost – and the planes we use have plenty of stowage for skis and snowboards,” added Luke.

The more members fly with Airly, the more flights become available. As borders reopen more shared routes will be offered including the Gold Coast from both Sydney and Melbourne. Get on the website to check them out if the criteria applies to you.

DM us if you need company flying to Hotham..

flying to Hotham by private jet
Do a deal as you go, don’t lost 6 hours on the road .. © Airly.com