Have faith! Our last pow day is coming Saturday

snow action team 20.09.2020

Update: make that Friday and Saturday by the looks – snowing all day Friday, heaviest in the afternoon, continuing further north too into the early hours of Saturday morning.

It will snow from Tassie to the Barrington Tops behind Taree on the latest BOM forecasts. Most for the main mountains will fall Friday, so rug up and rip it at Perisher – tad windy, hopefully not stopping chairs on Mt P.

Will clear out nicely for a few good days out back too.

Orange, south of Walcha, Blue Mountains, Tassie, Victoria and the Snowies .. latest from the BOM forecast

Have faith Australia! Our last pow day for 2020 is coming Saturday to Perisher by the looks, with 30cm plus forecast, snowing down to 800m according to Weatherzone forecasts. Thredbo has given up and closed overnight so Sunday was their last day.

We love a big suck up, and the one developing below WA should deliver the goods Friday night © BOM Hibari Satellite image

That’s hard to believe today when it’s singing/skiing in the rain. But Aussie skiers and boarders are nothing if not resilient. When the going gets tough the tough get going .. There’s still life in the Aussie ski season!

The snowmaking areas are holding up – like Mt P today; they will be the pick for last pow day lines

Perisher is down to Perisher now, Guthega, Smiggins and Blue Cow shutting down. Ugly as things are, where the snowmaking is the cover is holding up. Cooler temperatures and light snowfalls from Tuesday means there will still be something underneath for the predicted last dump to land on.

So yes, Saturday pow day! Put it in the diary and give your 2020 Epic Oz Pass one last hit out at least. September 29 is last day to get cheapest $859 rate locked in for the 2021 Pass.

Widespread snow down to 800m on the BOM forecast Friday night

Over at Thredbo the forecast snow should actually make it top-to-bottom again – albeit over nothing for much of the way down – but they have pulled the plug suddenly closing without notice so Sunday 20th was the last day of the season for them. A Kozi chair pass for a look out the back will be worth it Saturday.

Out the back generally the fresh snow and return to freezing overnight temps during the week will make things interesting. Oh-so-tempting in places for sure, but remember what was, or wasn’t, underneath before the dump. And anywhere steepish that freezes solid then cops 30-40cm will be sloughing off in spades. But fun to be had in spades. Once the road re-opens to Charlottes get fast access to old favourites like Blue Lake, which will hang in for a while longer with this weeks forecast top up.

Charlotte Pass pulled the pin on their lift operations for the season on the weekend too.

On balance it’s mostly been a forgettable season, apart from a few good days at Thredbo, and more good days and plenty of reasonable ones at Perisher – not to mention another incredible effort from their parks crew.

For our Victorian followers, hey, it sucked/sucks being locked down, but how much worse would it be if it had been a killer snow season on top? Get a rubbish one out of the way along with COVID-19 and see you in 2021 ..

How tough are Aussie skiers and boarders? Very! We deserve our last pow day, shame Thredbo couldn’t hang in to see it, but with conditions like this it’s no surprise.