Guests Who Get Contact Message To Self Isolate At Snow

snow action team 25.06.2021

As the NSW outbreak spreads and the number of contacts grows it is likely some will shortly appear at the snow – either from hot spot areas who travelled before the bans came into force, or from areas not subject to travel bans.

Accommodation providers in the mountains are being advised by the Southern NSW LHD and Public Health Response Branch to in the Snowfields to ensure guests who receive a message to that effect from NSW Health return to their room/apartment and self isolate.

Don’t panic is part of the advice, isolate and get assessed is the sensible thing to do.

This is the advice sent to lodge/accommodation owners today by local Public Health Liason Officer in Jindabyne Jeff Standen, who we have asked for more detail on procedures from as obviously anyone who has been at the snow will have been in multiple locations from on the mountain to around town/the village so the snowballing effect (excuse the pun) of next level contacts will be large.

“With the current COVID situation in Sydney escalating some of your guests and members may receive text notification that they could be a close or casual contact of positive case prior to coming to the snow.

This is a standard part of the contact tracing process so they should not panic. If a guest receives a text notification from NSW Health they should return to their room and isolate immediately.

They can contact me or the Public Health Unit 1300 066 055 and our team will arrange a risk assessment ASAP. This will allow us to determine the level of exposure and the next steps required, which could be anything from temporary isolation awaiting test results to full 14 days isolation.

We do not want people immediately checking out and travelling home without an assessment.

If people need to isolate for longer than their stay we will work with you and the guest to move people from the mountains safely.  We can also provide those guests with documentation to allow them to arrange any relevant refunds with the resorts or accommodation. Please note, currently under the Public Health (COVID-19 Greater Sydney) Order (No 2) 2021 anyone from Greater Sydney in the past 14 days should be wearing masks  indoors.”

The Southern NSW LHD and Public Health Response Branch is located at

Health One Facility, 5 Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne NSW

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