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snow action team 01.05.2017

It’s May 1st, thats just 30 sleeps till winter, so better get fit to ski now – and the best way to do that is with Kieser says SNOWACTION Freestyle Editor Nic Stevens.

Kieser & his physio there, Holly Lipson, were instrumental in getting Nic back into competition freestyle fast after surgery last year, and they can also get you ready for your best season ever, whatever your level or age.

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Make this season the season you ARE ready!

Here’s Nic’s report on what they did for him:
Life is a taxing path on the body, young or old we all find ourselves having thoughts like, “I don’t remember this being sore?”, or “Why can’t I do that anymore?”
But life is meant to lived, right? If we wrapped ourselves in cotton wool we would find ourselves minimising body aches, pains and injuries, however we would be sacrificing our excitement, memories and enjoyment of life.
Injury rehabilitation is often associated with either an older demographic or young high-impact sportsmen, but Kieser breaks all stereotypes of physiotherapy. Their sporting specific/sporting preparation programs, injury prevention, back specific programs, exercise physiology, rehabilitation and general physio programs cater for all ages and benefit all individuals. Having skied for Australia around the world competitively for years, I have unfortunately been in and out of more physios, hospitals and shamans than I could have kept count of.
After a bad lateral meniscus tear in the Northern Hemisphere season of 2016, I was fortunate enough to be paired with both a great surgeon and Kieser, which in my opinion now is the best sporting and rehab facility that is publically accessible. Initially I was amazed at the singular muscle specific machines, and the overall feel of the facility, and to this day I am so grateful to have been paired with my current physio in Geelong, Holly Lipson.
We began with overall fitness/strength testing and went through my previous injuries. Having suffered from a stress fracture in a vertebrae of my back a few years ago, which resulted in recurrent back pain, a back-strength test was first cab of the rank. I still hadn’t realised what Kieser had at their fingertips at this point, so when I was strapped into a chair and my results were brought up onto a screen I was amazed. I could see my exact power curve, weak sections of strength, a guided movement pattern, and what impressed me most was that I could instantly see which strength percentile I sat in for my height and weight referenced against quantifiable data from a multitude of tests from around the world! This is due to there being over 130 Kieser facilities globally, each with their own set of data on strength recordings, injury basis and everything in between.
Holly and one of Kieser’s sports scientist’s adapted programs specific to me and what would best help my recovery and future skiing career. These included the ‘skiing specific’ program, and involved components of ‘spinal’ and ‘injury prevention’ programs, which allowed me to be back on snow training at full capacity less than 6 weeks post op.
One week after being back on snow I could go on and learn my final direction of double cork (which was forwards right), giving me all four double corks, and making me the second Australian skier to have achieved such a thing, then on to a switch triple cork later in the season. My back pain completely subsided, my overall strength and robustness increased, alongside regaining my surgery knee back to full and healthy operation.
I cannot recommend Kieser highly enough! Whether you’re a sportsman, elderly individual, suffer from back pain or just want to overall improve your quality of life, you truly cannot go wrong with Kieser and their fantastic staff. – Nic Stevens

“At Kieser our team of specialised physiotherapists and exercise scientists will not only resolve your aches, pains or injuries you might have been unfortunate enough to sustain, but our snow sports specific strength and conditioning programs will improve your stamina on the slopes as well as improve your balance, speed and endurance to limit fatigue so you can focus on being your best on the mountain!” Get your body ready to be your best at www.kieser.com.au

It’s not hard to get fit to ski, especially with professional help, but is it easy to get it wrong and exacerbate existing problems – so a consultation and fitness check is a great idea even if you don’t do a program subsequently.

For pros or everyday skiers & boarders Kieser will optimise your snow fitness

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